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Apple Cup History, Record, Date, Start Time, TV Channel Streaming

Check out Apple Cup history, record, date, start time, kick-off show, schedule, tickets, venue location, & Live TV channel streaming. A special event is held to celebrate your long tradition of Apple manufacturing in Washington. We are not talking about Apple iPhone manufacturing as we talk about Apple the fruit. Washington state is the largest producer of Apple fruit in the world and to celebrate this some thinkers have organized the Apple cup for the top two university teams in this state. It's a yearly held American football game between two rivals, Washington State Cougars and Washington Huskies. Earlier it… Read More

Sky Device or Sky Tablet - Things to Know as ACP Network

Sky Device or Sky Tablet: Check out details on Sky Devices government phone/tablet as provided under ACP program. Affordable Connectivity Program stipulates providing a free smartphone along with a monthly discount of up to $30 and up to $75 for tribal lands. However, there is one thing that you need to understand FCC has mentioned various guidelines for ACP which should be followed by the network provider. Here various smartphones are available under this scheme that includes devices manufactured by Apple, Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, Kyocera, Plum, BLU, Sky Devices, and many others. Talking about Sky Device phones which are distributed… Read More

Parques cerca de mi How to Locate Parks Nearby

The Spanish term parques cerca de mi means one is searching or looking out for a park nearby. The Spanish word parques cerca de mi is a searched term in the Google search engine. It means that a person is looking for parks. There are a lot of many gardens and parks nearby your location. Spanish is the second most spoken language in America and many Mexican migrants speak Spanish. It's also the second language in schools and colleges. On the other hand, Maps have helped us find things nearby easily. You can locate restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, institutions… Read More

Fix Assurance Data Not Working on iPhone & Android

In this guide check out how to fix Assurance Data not working on iPhone & Android mobile/tablet. Assurance Wireless is one of the prominent mobile service providers in America and it's also an operator that supports the Lifeline program under the state-run Affordable Connectivity Program ACP previously known as EBB. Here are several reasons why assurance data is not working on your mobile phone. Assurance Data not Working You are the reasons why assurance has problems connecting to data or the internet - Network Mode The availability of 5G, 4G, and 3G depends upon the area you live. In some… Read More

Apple iPhone Unable to Verify Update Error Fix Guide

In this at AppleiPhoneTips.us guide check out how to fix Apple iPhone unable to verify update while software upgrade. Apple software updates are regular and after the iOS 13 release, it's the time for iOS 13.4 update. Many users of iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR have reported this error - Apple iPhone Unable to Verify Update In order to fix this error, you will have to understand the nature of the error. As the error reads, it says unable to verify the update and down in the description, it clearly says that… Read More

Cingular Wireless APN Settings for iPhone & Android 5G/4G LTE

Check out Cingular Wireless APN Settings for iPhone & Android 5G/4G LTE. Cingular Wireless is one of the leading mobile network provider in the USA and here we have gone through Cingular APN settings. If you are looking for APN for Cingular Wireless APN, here you have arrived at the right place. Cingular Wireless APN Settings Follow the steps mentioned below - Name Cingular APN  Name  Cingular 5G APn  APN  Proxy  Port  80  Username  Password  Server  MMSC  MMS Proxy  80  MMS Port  MCC  MNC  Authentication Type  APN Type  default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri  APN Protocol  IPv4/IPv6  APN Roaming Type  IPv4  Enable/Disable APN  Bearer  Unspecific… Read More

True Wireless APN Settings - Mobile Internet Not Working

Check out True Wireless APN Settings and guide on how to fix True Wireless Internet not working or no service issues. True Wireless has been certified by the FCC to offer wireless phone services in America and recently they got approval to offer free smartphone service to ACP-eligible customers. Make sure that True Wireless is different TruConnect Wireless. Have True Wireless internet problems or its shown no service? There could also be no towers problem too. All these problems are the origin of the wrong mobile internet settings and they are refereed as APN Settings. Here is the guide on fixing… Read More

631 Area Code Location, Cities, & Networks Map

Check out what and where is the 631 area code in America. Know about its location, famous cities, history, and network map. The 631 area code is a North American telephone area code that was created in 1999 when it split off from area code 516, which used to cover all of Long Island but now it covers the central and eastern regions of Suffolk County in New York State.  These codes are used for cell phones(individuals and businesses), landline calls, and faxes. The 631 area code serves a population of over 1.4 million people, making it the most populous… Read More

Is AirTalk Wireless Legit? Check Reviews

Several People have asked whether AirTalk Wireless is legit or not. Let me answer it for you here as we go through AirTalk Wireless review. Ivan Toney a resident of Fresno, California on our Facebook Fan page came across AirTalk Wireless when he was looking for a free smartphone through the Affordable Connectivity Program. He asked us whether he can trust AirTalk as the network provider or not because it's quite a new network. What is AirTalk Wireless? AirTalk Wireless is a telecom network, a so-called MVNO, that doesn't have a tower or frequency of its own instead has contracted… Read More

How to Take Photos on iPhone Using Countdown Timer

In this guide check out How to Take Photos on iPhone Using Countdown Timer. The latest update of iOS brings you an amazing feature of camera app in iPhone or iPad with the facility of self-timer so that you will be able to take your ultimate selfies with its great picture quality and you can use this feature at any other occasions without the need of a photographer or someone else. This tremendous app will let you take better quality images without any help from other people. You just have to set the timer and take your position your camera… Read More