Is AirTalk Wireless Legit? Check Reviews

AirTalk Wireless reviews - Is AirTalk Wireless legit or not

Several People have asked whether AirTalk Wireless is legit or not. Let me answer it for you here as we go through AirTalk Wireless review.

Ivan Toney a resident of Fresno, California on our Facebook Fan page came across AirTalk Wireless when he was looking for a free smartphone through the Affordable Connectivity Program. He asked us whether he can trust AirTalk as the network provider or not because it's quite a new network.

Is AirTalk Wireless Legit

AirTalk Wireless is a telecom network that provides a discount of $30 on monthly phone billing and you also get a free smartphone. Quite interesting thing here is that they provide an option for customers to choose what phone are they looking for. That's not all you are also eligible to get one time $100 discount on the purchase of a tablet PC or laptop.

Among the known mobile phones currently available under the ACP plan includes the Google Pixel phone, iPhone 7 or Galaxy S9, or Galaxy A12. Apart from the ACP plan, they also offer unlimited phone plans with no contract and background checks.

So that was all about the AirTalk Wireless government phone/tablet offer details and its services. Now let's check out details about the AirTalk Wireless LLC company details.

AirTalk is run by AirVoice Wireless, a 23 years old company (established in 1999) providing no contract phones. The same company also runs Cintex Wireless, NewPhone, and HTH Communications.

As such you can trust AirTalk without any worry and further the network has got good popularity as soon as they are available for registration under ACP from December 31, 2021. Make sure to visit the official website they have also set up a separate page to check the ACP application status and the website has a good number of pages with various helpful content and guides.

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So those were the AirTalk Wireless reviews or our take on is AirTalk Wireless legit or not?

4.5 out of 5

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