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Is Cintex Wireless legit

Is Cintex Wireless Legit? Let's check out Cintex Wireless Reviws, pros & cons here.

There are many government phone providers like Assurance, QLink Wireless, TelAlaska and availability varies from state to state. Not even a single carrier provides its services in all states of the USA. Regarding Cintex Wireless people have asked various questions like compatible phones list, plans, and other legitimacy questions.

Is Cintex Wireless Legit

This question has been searched more than 350 times a month on an average and people are asking - Is Cintex Wireless legit because of the reason that this is a new company. Yes, you are partially right because Cintex Wireless isn't a new company but an old company that has been offering mobile phone services, and just a few years back the US government announced the Emergency Broadband benefit (EBB) which was renamed Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) recently to offer free tablets, mobile phones, and laptops to eligible households. When the US government announced this they choose certain network operators to offer this service and reach a maximum of eligible households, Cintex Wireless was one selected network operator. Since then people started looking out for Cintex Wireless compatible phones, plans, and other details.

So the question of Is Cintex Wireless legit, itself is a legit question and we got an answer for you here.

Cintex Wireless is a legit company that has FCC approval or license to run as a mobile network provider in the United States of America. You can call their customer care representative and even visit their website or check out their feedback on Google to understand whether they are a legit company or not. It's another thing that it may or may not have 100% good services. Make sure you have a proper Cintex APN for mobile

data to work.

Twire Compatible Phones

Simple Mobile Government Phone Free

So Cintex Wireless is a legit company that you can trust.


Good range of affordable phones

Decent coverage


Not available in all states

4.7 out of 5

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