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Apple iPhone Unable to Verify Update Error Fix Guide

In this at AppleiPhoneTips.us guide check out how to fix Apple iPhone unable to verify update while software upgrade. Apple software updates are regular and after the iOS 13 release, it's the time for iOS 13.4 update. Many users of iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR have reported this error - Apple iPhone Unable to Verify Update In order to fix this error, you will have to understand the nature of the error. As the error reads, it says unable to verify the update and down in the description, it clearly says that… Read More

Cingular Wireless APN Settings for iPhone & Android 5G/4G LTE

Check out Cingular Wireless APN Settings for iPhone & Android 5G/4G LTE for good mobile internet speed. Cingular Wireless is one of the leading mobile network providers in the USA and here we have gone through Cingular APN settings so that you get proper internet speed on your device. If you are looking for an APN for Cingular Wireless APN, here you have arrived at the right place. Cingular Wireless APN Settings Follow the steps mentioned below - Name Cingular APN  Name  Cingular 5G APn  APN  Proxy  Port  80  Username  Password  Server  MMSC  MMS Proxy  80  MMS Port  MCC  MNC… Read More

True Wireless APN Settings - Mobile Internet Not Working

Check out True Wireless APN Settings and guide on how to fix True Wireless Internet not working or no service issues. True Wireless has been certified by the FCC to offer wireless phone services in America and recently they got approval to offer free smartphone service to ACP-eligible customers. Make sure that True Wireless is different TruConnect Wireless. Have True Wireless internet problems or its shown no service? There could also be no towers problem too. All these problems are the origin of the wrong mobile internet settings and they are refereed as APN Settings. Here is the guide on fixing… Read More

631 Area Code Location, Cities, & Networks Map

Check out what and where is the 631 area code in America. Know about its location, famous cities, history, and network map. The 631 area code is a North American telephone area code that was created in 1999 when it split off from area code 516, which used to cover all of Long Island but now it covers the central and eastern regions of Suffolk County in New York State.  These codes are used for cell phones(individuals and businesses), landline calls, and faxes. The 631 area code serves a population of over 1.4 million people, making it the most populous… Read More

Is AirTalk Wireless Legit? Check Reviews

Several People have asked whether AirTalk Wireless is legit or not. Let me answer it for you here as we go through the AirTalk Wireless review. Key Takeaways: - AirTalk Wireless is an MVNO that offers an ACP plan with free mobile phone and internet usage. - They also have an ACP tablet PC offer. - One thing that differentiates them from other ACP provider is the choice of smartphone that provide while applying for inclusion on their network. Ivan Toney a resident of Fresno, California on our Facebook group came across AirTalk Wireless when he was looking for a… Read More

How to Take Photos on iPhone Using Countdown Timer

In this guide check out How to Take Photos on iPhone Using Countdown Timer. The latest update of iOS brings you an amazing feature of camera app in iPhone or iPad with the facility of self-timer so that you will be able to take your ultimate selfies with its great picture quality and you can use this feature at any other occasions without the need of a photographer or someone else. This tremendous app will let you take better quality images without any help from other people. You just have to set the timer and take your position your camera… Read More

How to Send Money Through Email on iPhone

Square Cash Apple iOS App is the answer on how to send money through email address for free. Learn here how to do it on your iPhone/iPad. Tired of Paypal limitations over sending and receiving money or it's your Paypal or Payoneer fees hurting you the most? Looking for answers to how to send money through email address? Here is a simple solution for those who are based in the United States need to send money to their counterparts. Square Inc introduces easy money transfers to anyone via email. Just like other money processors say — it's fast, safe, and… Read More

How to Guide - Apple iPhone 15 Screenshot, Software Update, Siri Not Working, FAQs & More

We know have the latest Apple iPhone 15 officially launched by the Cupertino tech giant and within a month it will be available in all parts of the world. iPhone fans would be so crazy to get it and we could quickly call September as the month of the new iPhone. Everyone covers launch news and we thought of coming out with the latest iPhone 15 guide related to screenshots, software updates, Siri not working & lot more. So, let's begin! How to take Apple iPhone 15 Screenshot? Now there are a lot number of ways in which you can… Read More

Who owns Boost Mobile - CEO, Corporate Office Details

Boost Mobile CEO: Are you eager to know who owns Boost Mobile? Find it here. With 9 million subscribers, Boost Mobile is one of the top alternatives to the various top mobile networks which has 10 million subscribers. As the name itself indicates, Boost Mobiles offers great savings on monthly billing and so quickly it has reached a milestone of around 10 million subscribers and as a MVNO it's a recognized brand. That's about the Boost network overall, let's check out Boost Mobile CEO i.e., who owns Boost Mobile? or what carrier owns boost mobile. Boost Mobile CEO: There shouldn't… Read More