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Who owns Boost Mobile; what carrier owns boost mobile

Boost Mobile CEO: Are you eager to know who owns Boost Mobile? Find it here.

With 9 million subscribers, Boost Mobile is one of the top alternatives to the various top mobile networks which has 10 million subscribers. As the name itself indicates, Boost Mobiles offers great savings on monthly billing and so quickly it has reached a milestone of around 10 million subscribers and as a MVNO it's a recognized brand. That's about the Boost network overall, let's check out Boost Mobile CEO i.e., who owns Boost Mobile? or what carrier owns boost mobile.

Boost Mobile CEO:

There shouldn't be any confusion between Boost Mobile America and the Australian network. Here in this reference, we are talking about the Boost mobile network in the USA.

Sprint was acquired by T-Mobile in a deal that was completed recently and there was confusion about who owns Boost Mobile now. This was because Boost Mobile was previously owned by Sprint and they used the Sprint network for providing their services. DISH acquired Boost Mobile property through a deal of $1.4 billion.

Stephen Stokols is the CEO of Boost Mobile as he also owns Dish Wireless. He is an innovator who also founded FreedomPop, a phone service, and wireless internet provider. He reached out to Dish when the company was looking for someone to look out for the newly acquired Boost.

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Stephen is now looking to expand Boost Mobile further to cater to more customers and he senses an opportunity at going digital. Another opportunity he sees in Boost's assets is innovation and last but not least, he wants to capitalize on the unlimited data and phone plan segment. He says that there are customers who are choosing unlimited plans but are not even consuming their full data and their plans can be easily valued at $10 or $20 a month.

New Boost Mobile CEO says that the very first target for him at Boost is to get into those unlimited customers by offering them better values and 50% of savings could be a big factor especially when the economy is down due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Parent Company Dish Wireless
Key People Stephen Stokols
CEO Stephen Stokols

What Carrier owns Boost Mobile:

Dish Wireless owns Boost Mobile and Stephen Stokols is its new CEO of it.

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So next time someone asks who owns Boost Mobile, you should reply to them with an answer as Stephen Stokols.

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