How to Fix iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity

You are not alone when your iPhone says "Cannot verify server identity". Whenever you see an alert on your iPhone saying "cannot verify server identity" error, it's alerting you about the authenticity of the mail server certificate whether it's fake or trustworthy. It basically occurs due to your device's ardent and strict verification of your mail server certificate. What does iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity error mean??? This iPhone error usually alerts about the discrepancy between SSL Certificates on the server and your device's server settings. You might know that there is advanced HTTPS protection instead of HTTP, this is a… Read More

Assurance Wireless APN Settings for iPhone, iPad & Android

Check out the latest Assurance Wireless APN Settings configuration for iPhone and Android mobile phones. Assurance Wireless is an American US FED government-assisted Lifeline or Affordable Connectivity Program mobile phone provider that provides low-cost mobile services to qualifies personnel. It has around 1 million subscribers and those availing free phone benefits are additional. In order for continuous mobile data reception, you need a perfect APN settings configuration on your device whether it's Apple iPhone 13 or other models or even an Android handset. APN stands for Access Point Names and these are settings through which your mobile phone connects to… Read More

How to Check Tracfone Balance by Phone Number

Are you looking for usage statistics and minutes lapse on your Tracfone? Here is a guide on how you can check Tracfone Balance by phone number. TracFone Wireless shortly abbreviated as TFW carrier is a famous network provider in the USA. The service is used by around 21 million customers and it's among the top 10 mobile networks with the highest subscribers count because is a monthly cost-saving network providing various affordable plans for customers. Every month as per your plans you are provided with calling minutes, texts and data. Once you cross those limits there is a data cap… Read More

Apple iPhone 13 Pro FAQs - IP Ratings, Camera, Software Update

Finally after writing the commonly asked questions related to iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Mini, here I am with the iPhone 13 Pro FAQs. Here I will try to answer/include all the basic questions related to iPhone 13 Pro IP ratings, camera upgrades, software/iOS update details. This is a big article and I hope all your queries have been followed. Display FAQs Performance FAQs Battery FAQs Design FAQs Camera FAQs Common FAQs iPhone 13 Pro Display FAQ Q : What is the iPhone 13 Pro Display size? A⇒ iP 13 Pro comes with 6.1 inches display. Q:… Read More

List of Phones with Most Storage 2022

While purchasing a smartphone maybe it is an Android or iPhone the most important thing you will look for is storage. Having a good internal storage capacity can drastically impact price, but not having one can also lead to slow running of the device and you may have to delete important videos, pictures, and files. The solution for this is a phones with most storage. A mobile with 1 TB storage allows you to store dozens of full HD, 2k, and even 4K videos and songs. Recently Apple has released Apple 13 Pro, Apple 13 Pro Max with 1TB storage,… Read More

Fix QLink Data Not Working - QLink Wireless Hotspots Location

In this guide check out how you can fix QLink Data Not Working on iPhone and Android-based Samsung/Moto Phones. QLink is a fast-growing and well-known free cell phone service with the government's Lifeline program support. For those who are new to the term lifeline, it's a federally funded government program that provides millions of Americans with free wireless service of text and talks to eligible residents. But many people have reported QLink mobile data problems/issues or they are unable to access mobile internet. So we thought of coming out with an article on how to fix using QLink data not… Read More

Check 516 Area Code Location, Cities, Networks, Map

Check out what & where is the 516 area code in America, its location, counties, cities, and region. With mobile numbers increasing, and to serve all the customers American telecom authorities introduced Area codes through NANP. It's a 3-digit unique number assigned to a state or a part of the state and it can be possible that a state may have more than one area code. It should be dialed before the actual number because it maintains simplicity to identify caller detail. Here we will go through the 516 area code location map, time zone and regions. These area codes… Read More

Simple Mobile Compatible Phones List

Check out Simple Mobile compatible phones list 5G iPhone and Android mobiles. As the name itself indicate simple mobile is so simple mobile network in the USA and it also can be considered a low-cost carrier. You can choose this network if you want not to spend a lot of money on data plans and phone calls. As such there are only certain compatible phones that works with the network and here we go through the Simple Mobile compatible phones list. Simple Mobile Compatible Phones: Simple Mobile is owned by Tracfone's parent company American Movil. It provides no-contract phones and… Read More

Union Wireless APN Settings for iPhone & Android Mobiles on 5G/4G LTE

Check out Union Wireless APN Settings for Apple iPhone & Android mobiles running the 5G & 4G LTE. Union Wireless is one of the oldest mobile network provider operational since 1914. It provides wireless voice & data services in Wyoming, Northwestern Colorado, and parts of Utah and Montana. It also offers broadband services too. For those who are using Union Wireless mobile phone, they need a perfect APN settings.   Union Wireless APN Settings Please enter the values accordingly in your mobile phone and instructions are given below - Name Union APN  Name  APN Union Mobile  APN  Proxy  Port  80… Read More

How to Message Multiple Contacts with WhatsApp on iPhone

Messaging multiple contacts in WhatsApp from your iPhone or iPad is so simple. New WhatsApp users don’t have an idea of sending multiple contacts, multiple messages, broadcast images, audio, videos, pictures, etc. with many friends at a time. You cannot select each saved contact in the iPhone for multiple messaging, but it is not taking on the group because there is an option to show all so the group message will send to the other group. WhatsApp Broadcast List on iPhone A broadcast message is a way to share your conversation with all other friends at a time or you… Read More