Mint Mobile 5G APN Settings for iPhone & Android

Check out Mint Mobile 5G APN Settings to be entered on Apple iPhone & Android mobile phones. Mint Mobile is one of the most preferred discounted monthly billing telecom networks and it offers great support along with great device choice. They recently introduced the 5G network and other compatible 5G phones. Mint Mobile APN Settings 5G/4G Name Values  Name  Mint Mobile APN 5G  APN  Proxy  Port  8080  Username  Password  Server  MMSC  MMS Proxy  80  MMS Port  MCC  310  MNC  260  Authentication Type  APN Type  default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri  APN Protocol  IPv4/IPv6  APN Roaming Type  IPv4  Enable/Disable APN  Bearer  Unspecific  MVNO Type Once… Read More

US Mobile APN Settings for iPhone & Android

Check out US Mobile APN Settings for 5G, 4G LTE internet access on iPhone & Android mobiles. Looking for APN of US Mobile, then you have arrived at the right place for the right information. US Mobile APN Settings So here are the values. Please enter it correctly - Name APN  Name  APN  Proxy  Port  80  Username  Password  Server  MMSC  MMS Proxy  80  MMS Port  MCC  310  MNC  260  Authentication Type  APN Type  default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri  APN Protocol  IPv4/IPv6  APN Roaming Type  IPv4  Enable/Disable APN  Bearer  Unspecific  MVNO Type Also Check: APN Settings Unlimited FREE Tricks APN Settings for iPhone: APN: pwg… Read More

All New Apple homeOS Release Expected at WWDC

The biggest news about the WWDC comes just a week before the event as we expect the debut of yet another dedicated operating system by Apple. Yes, you heard it right, after iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, there could be a new homeOS and it's expected to be announced at this year's developer event which will be held from June 7 to 12th. At Apple WWDC 2022 event we already know about the expected release of the updated iOS15 version, watchOS 8, iPadOS 15, MacOS 12, and tvOS 15 version because it's a developer event, and all the development… Read More

What Network does Qlink Wireless Use

Check out answers to What network does Qlink Wireless use to offer its services? QLink Wireless is an MVNO and a popular Affordable Connectivity program or Lifeline provider in the United States. On our Facebook group related to Apple iPhone 14 (Pro, Pro Max, Mini) user by name of Steve Fleming is using a QLink phone as provided by the US government when he applied for Lifeline assistance as a free government phone. He asked - what network does QLink wireless use? His question was straight and simple although he could have Google searched to find the answer. What Network… Read More

How to Unblock a Number on iPhone or iPad Easily

Have you accidentally blocked contact on iPhone? Here is the guide on How to Unblock a Number on iPhone or iPad Easily. I am Yogesh Khetani and I run an Apple iPhone-based Facebook Group called All Things Apple and one of the users named Chad Gable asked me a question. He asked me how to unblock a number on iPhone as he has accidentally blocked USPS delivery guy contact on his iPhone 12. Well, it's quite simple but he actually didn't know the process as he recently moved from Android to iPhone. Further, he didn't save that contact previously. Finally,… Read More

Verizon Apple Watch Plan & Compatible Smartwatch List

Check out the Verizon Apple Watch plan, pricing & compatible Verizon Smartwatch list. Verizon Wireless is one of the biggest telecom networks not only in the USA but also across the world. It has a total of 143 million subscribers and offers various telecom services. Just as we go through Spectrum Mobile Apple Watch plan, many Apple Watch users requested for Apple Watch plan on Verizon and here we are with Verizon Apple Watch Plan. So let's check out. Verizon Apple Watch Plan: Apple Watch is compatible with all iPhones and even works on Android mobile phones too because it… Read More

When you type Apale in Google - Surprising Results

See surprising results when you type Apale in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. People often comets mistakes while writing for searching for a particular word. According to a published on TimesNews says that more than half of Americans are bad spellers which gives a clear indication that people of America commit mistakes not only while writing but also while searching online on Google or other search engines. One of the similar mistakes happened while searching for companies names like blue phone and Apple which can be sometimes searched as apale. Apple is the first trillion-dollar company in the world… Read More

Choice Wireless APN Settings - 5G/4G LTE Android & iPhone

Here are the Choice Wireless APN Settings - 5G/4G LTE Android & iPhone mobiles. APN Settings are pretty important through which your mobile phone connects to your desired network. APN for Choice Wireless allows your mobile to connect with your account on Choice Wireless as per your desired plans. Talking of Choice Wireless, it's one of the mobile networks that principally follows government programs like ACP, EBB, Lifeline, and other tribal cell phone welfare schemes. It's one of the largest rural 4G LTE providers. Choice Wireless APN Settings Provided here are the Choice Wireless APN Settings for iPhone & Android… Read More

What to do when Apple Mouse is Not Working

If you can't connect your Magic Mouse to your Mac then here is what you should do when Apple Mouse is not working. Apple Mouse is a perfect companion & the best accessory for your MacBook for those who are looking for performance at work. Not many times, but sometimes the Apple Mouse might give you trouble, and it's common with all the electronic products. Before looking further, it's best to try out Apple Mouse troubleshooting at home. Apple Mouse is Not Working Try these steps to resolve issues with your Magic accessories. Turn it OFF then ON Bluetooth is… Read More

Fix iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity

Whenever you see an alert on your iPhone saying "cannot verify server identity" error, it's alerting you about the authenticity of the mail server certificate whether it's fake or trustworthy. It basically occurs due to your device's ardent and strict verification of your mail server certificate. What does iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity error mean??? This iPhone error usually alerts about the discrepancy between SSL Certificates on the server and your device's server settings. You might know that there is advanced HTTPS protection instead of HTTP, this is a secure connection over the web. The security is confirmed through SSL(Secure Socket… Read More