Simple Mobile Compatible Phones List

Check out Simple Mobile compatible phones list 5G iPhone and Android mobiles.

As the name itself indicate simple mobile is so simple mobile network in the USA and it also can be considered a low-cost carrier. You can choose this network if you want not to spend a lot of money on data plans and phone calls. As such there are only certain compatible phones that works with the network and here we go through the Simple Mobile compatible phones list.

Simple Mobile compatible phone

Simple Mobile Compatible Phones:

Simple Mobile is owned by Tracfone's parent company American Movil. It provides no-contract phones and you don't have to be on contract with the network. It has a nation white coverage and you can even keep your own phone with the network. It serves around 1 million customers in the USA.

Here are the mobile phones compatible with simple mobile networks -

Samsung Galaxy A01 4G LTE

This entry-level Samsung Galaxy phone is designed to run on a simple mobile 4G network that has the most coverage in the United States right now.

Going through the device specifications it has -

You can go with this phone if you need a decent mobile phone on the network and it's our recommended device on simple mobile but before you buy this phone once please check out the simple mobile 5G phone list given below.

Motorola Simple Mobile Moto E6

This Moto E6 is designed to run on a simple mobile network. It's a basic entry-level mobile phone that comes with a 5.5-inch display Android Oreo 3000mah battery 13-megapixel dual camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. You cannot use 5G on this mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

If you want to go with a high-end smartphone that offers premium features then the Galaxy S10 lite is for you.

Price: $599

Simple Mobile LG Rebel 4

LG has stopped manufacturing mobile phones to better concentrate on other consumer electronics products they continue to cater to low-cost carriers like simple mobile with the existing LG Rebel 4 phone.

Simple Mobile 5G phone:

T-mobile supports a 5G network and it is open for all the MVNOs too. Here are 5G compatible phones on the Simple Mobile network -

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G:

So if you are looking for a perfect 5G phone on simple mobile then you can go with the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.

Simple Mobile iPhone:

Using BYOD or BYOP you can bring any phone to a SIMPLE mobile network. Apple iPhone as well works great with Simple Mobile too.


Can I keep my phone on simple mobile?

Moving to the simple mobile is pretty easy. It requires no contract and so you can keep your phone on the network provided that it's compatible with T-mobile. For the exact compatibility, you need to call simple mobile phone numbers and speak to a customer care representative.

Simple Mobile 5G APN

Excess Telecom

QLink 5G Not working

Can I keep my number on simple mobile?

Simple mobile accepts new customer registration even though they're coming from different networks. If you want to keep your mobile number then you will have to port it to Simple Mobile and there on you can use your number on simple mobile for cost-saving.

So, that's the Simple Mobile Compatible phones list.

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