Free Sky Devices Government Tablet & Phone under ACP Program

Free Sky Devices Government Tablet

Check out details on Free Sky Devices Government Tablet as sold under the ACP program run by US Government.

We all know that US Government under FCC supervision is running the Affordable Connectivity Program that provides a monthly discount on phone billing and other electronic devices. You get at least $30 and up to $75 discount on wireless phone billing every month. ACP is a long-run program designed for those who actually need it or they are financially struggling to meet up with expensive phone bills. A number of participating network providers have participated in this and you can check out network that provides ACP in your state to know more related to its benefits. In this article, we will discuss Free sky devices government tablet as sold under the ACP program run by US Government.

Free Sky Devices Government Tablet:

The ACP program is not just limited to free smartphones with a monthly discount of $30 on it but it also entitles customers to claim discounts on touchscreen tablets and a laptop. To tell you more, you get up to $100 off either on the purchase of a laptop or a tablet PC for your use.

Just calculating the price of the tablet provided by mobile network providers are costing around $100 to $200 and since you get $100 off using this offer, this tablet is virtually free for you. However, some networks may charge a security deposit of $10 one time if you are claiming this free tablet offer and that's actually nothing. These companies offer various tablets like refurbished Apple iPad, renewed Samsung Galaxy Tab, or you may get a Sky device tablet.

There is no guarantee that you will get a Sky Device tablet from government if you choose an ACP network in your area. It depends on the stock availability.

What is Sky Devices?

To tell you more about Sky Devices, it's an OEM based in America that manufactures mobile phones, tablet PCs, wearables, smart security cameras, and TVs. Their tablet PCs and mobile phones have been used by various telecom networks as compatible devices. From time to time company comes out with new devices.

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Sky Devices Tablets List:

Sky Devices has a contract with a Chinese smartphone maker to manufacture phones & tablets for them. Some of the popular tablets by them are -

  • Sky Elite T8 tablet
  • Sky Elite T8 Plus
  • Sky Elite OctaMax1
  • Sky Elite T10
  • Sky Pad 8
  • SkyPad 8 Pro
  • SkyPad 10
  • Sky Pad 10 Max
  • Sky Max View
  • Sky Platinum A7
  • Sky Vision 2
  • Sky Platinum View2

Note: Some of these tablets might have been officially discontinued by the company.

How to Get One:

In order to get a new free tablet you should be either participant in the ACP program or you can apply for fresh inclusion. The application would take more than 7 to 10 working days.

You can apply for a free tablet PC from the following network providers and this list is specially compiled by me to list out all those networks which provide tablet PC under the ACP program.

Sky Tablet Replacement:

It may happen that you have lost the device or its broke while using it. Yes, Sky Devices offers a replacement for tablet PCs and for this you will have to contact from which network you got this tablet under your ACP plan. Replacements are subject to the company's policies.

Are Sky Devices Unlocked?

All the devices made by SkyDevices are unlocked and work with any network in the USA.

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So that's all we know about the free sky devices government tablet & phone details. It's clear that it doesn't sell products directly of its own and through ACP they have got its path to be in the smartphone industry. It's a long way until it becomes a household name.

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