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Fix Assurance Data Not Working on iPhone & Android

In this guide check out how to fix Assurance Data not working on iPhone & Android mobile/tablet. Assurance Wireless is one of the prominent mobile service providers in America and it's also an operator that supports the Lifeline program under the state-run Affordable Connectivity Program ACP previously known as EBB. Here are several reasons why assurance data is not working on your mobile phone. Assurance Data not Working You are the reasons why assurance has problems connecting to data or the internet - Network Mode The availability of 5G, 4G, and 3G depends upon the area you live. In some… Read More

How to Play Music while Recording a Video on iPhone or iPad

Explore this guide to learn how to play music while recording videos on your iPhone or iPad. Additionally, discover a bonus tip on capturing audio while conducting a screen recording. The introduction of the iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone industry, setting new standards for design, functionality, and user experience. Apple's commitment to innovation has led to the continuous evolution of its devices, bringing forth new features and functionalities that have shaped the way we communicate and interact with technology. The iPhone's impact extends beyond its role as a communication device, influencing various aspects of our daily lives and contributing to… Read More

How to Enable 5G on Cricket Wireless Phone & Tablet

In this guide check out how to enable 5G on Cricket Wireless network, requirements, and plans. 5G is a new technology in mobile development. While getting a push for 5G, there are several questions in the user's mind like is my mobile is compatible or not, and how to enable 5G on Cricket Wireless phones. People are reluctant to know this and they want the help of Google to know more about it. So here is the guide on how does Cricket Wireless 5G works and what you need to know. How to Enable 5G on Cricket Wireless: This is… Read More

Apple Cup History, Record, Date, Start Time, TV Channel Streaming

Check out Apple Cup history, record, date, start time, kick-off show, schedule, tickets, venue location, and live TV channel streaming. A special event is held to celebrate your long tradition of Apple manufacturing in Washington. We are not talking about Apple iPhone manufacturing as we talk about Apple the fruit. Washington state is the largest producer of Apple fruit in the world and to celebrate this some thinkers have organized the Apple Cup for the top two university teams in this state. It's a yearly American football game between two rivals, Washington State Cougars and Washington Huskies. Earlier it was… Read More

Apple iPhone Unable to Verify Update Error Fix Guide

In this at guide check out how to fix Apple iPhone unable to verify update while software upgrade. Apple software updates are regular and after the iOS 13 release, it's the time for iOS 13.4 update. Many users of iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR have reported this error - Apple iPhone Unable to Verify Update In order to fix this error, you will have to understand the nature of the error. As the error reads, it says unable to verify the update and down in the description, it clearly says that… Read More

How to Fix iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity

You are not alone when your iPhone says "Cannot verify server identity". Whenever you see an alert on your iPhone saying "can't verify server identity" error, it's alerting you about the authenticity of the mail server certificate whether it's fake or trustworthy. That's the quick and short meaning of it. It basically occurs due to your device's ardent and strict verification of your mail server certificate. In the following article, I will explain what is this error and how to fix it. What does iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity error mean??? This iPhone error usually alerts you about the discrepancy… Read More

How to Take Photos on iPhone Using Countdown Timer

In this guide check out How to Take Photos on iPhone Using Countdown Timer. The latest update of iOS brings you an amazing feature of camera app in iPhone or iPad with the facility of self-timer so that you will be able to take your ultimate selfies with its great picture quality and you can use this feature at any other occasions without the need of a photographer or someone else. This tremendous app will let you take better quality images without any help from other people. You just have to set the timer and take your position your camera… Read More

How to Send Money Through Email on iPhone

Square Cash Apple iOS App is the answer on how to send money through email address for free. Learn here how to do it on your iPhone/iPad. Tired of Paypal limitations over sending and receiving money or it's your Paypal or Payoneer fees hurting you the most? Looking for answers to how to send money through email address? Here is a simple solution for those who are based in the United States need to send money to their counterparts. Square Inc introduces easy money transfers to anyone via email. Just like other money processors say — it's fast, safe, and… Read More

How to Guide - Apple iPhone 15 Screenshot, Software Update, Siri Not Working, FAQs & More

We know have the latest Apple iPhone 15 officially launched by the Cupertino tech giant and within a month it will be available in all parts of the world. iPhone fans would be so crazy to get it and we could quickly call September as the month of the new iPhone. Everyone covers launch news and we thought of coming out with the latest iPhone 15 guide related to screenshots, software updates, Siri not working & lot more. So, let's begin! How to take Apple iPhone 15 Screenshot? Now there are a lot number of ways in which you can… Read More