Verizon Apple Watch Plan Cost & Compatible Smartwatch List

Verizon Apple Watch plan

Check out the Verizon Apple Watch plan, pricing & compatible Verizon Smartwatch list.

Verizon Wireless is one of the biggest telecom networks not only in the USA but also across the world. It has a total of 143 million subscribers and offers various telecom services. Just as we go through Spectrum Mobile Apple Watch plan, many Apple Watch users requested for Apple Watch plan on Verizon and here we are with the Verizon Apple Watch Plan.

So let's check out.

Verizon Apple Watch Plan:

Apple Watch is compatible with all iPhones and even works on Android mobile phones too because it connects to your device via Bluetooth. When you are thinking of getting an Apple Watch on Verizon then the charges are $10 per line per month.

With a $10 Verizon Wireless Apple Watch plan you get unlimited 5G/4G LTE nationwide, unlimited talk and text along with 15 GB premium data.

From Series 3 to Series 6, all the Apple Watch devices will work on the network.

Verizon Apple Watch Plan Price: $10/month (taxes extra)

Verizon Apple Watch Cellular Plan

$10 per month, per line
5G/4G LTE unlimited data*
Unlimited talk
Unlimited text

Verizon Compatible Smartwatch:

The following smartwatches are compatible with Verizon Wireless -

Watch Ultra 2:

This premium rugged watch from Apple works perfectly on America's largest telecom network.

Apple Watch Series 9:

The latest Apple Watch 9th generation is compatible with Verizon Wireless.

Apple Watch Series 6:

Works perfectly.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3:

The latest smartwatch by Samsung is compatible with Verizon.

Verizon Gizmowatch 2:

The latest Gizmowatch 2 is compatible with Verizon Wireless. This is Verizon's self-branded smartwatch made for the largest network in the USA.

Verizon Care Smartwatch:

Verizon's self-branded works well with Verizon.

A detailed look at various models (series) and the launch year -

Apple Watch Model Year of Launch
Series 9 2023
Ultra 2 2023
Series 8 2022
Watch SE 2nd Gen 2022
Series 7 2021
Ultra 2020
Series 6 2019
Series SE 2019
Series 5 2018
Series 4 2017
Series 3 2016
Original Apple Watch 2015

Certified Pre-Owned:

Apple Watch is a costlier affair and if you are one of those who want gadgets for a budget price, then consider buying certified pre-owned watches which can save you up to 50% on the original prices.

The following series are available right now and availability may vary from time to time -

  • Series 4 Pre-owned
  • Series 5 pre-owned
  • Serris 6 pre-owned
  • Series 7 pre-owned
  • Watch SE pre-owned

Verizon Smartwatch Compatibility:

Just like mobile phone compatibility checks via BYOD, there is also a BYOD check for smartwatches too. Basically, you can bring all the smartwatches to the Verizon Wireless network.


Verizon constantly runs various deals on holidays and stock clearance. To get live deals, you can visit, the Verizon deals page here.

Does Verizon have a Data Cap on the Smartwatch plan?

As of now, Verizon smartwatch plans cost you $10/month plus taxes and it comes with 15 GB of premium data which can be browsed using 5G or 4G LTE speed. After high-speed data is consumed on your Watch, you will be able to browse at 600 kbps until the end of your billing cycle. So, once the new billing starts, you can will get your original 5G or 4G LTE speeds. This is why they put a * mark beside the word 'unlimited plan'.

Can I bring my own Smartwatch to Verizon?

Through Verizon Watch BYOD i.e., Bring Your Own Device, you can bring any of your existing smartwatches to Verizon. Make sure to activate the smartwatch plan.

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My Apple Watch is not Compatible with Verizon

Almost all Watches work perfectly fine and if you bring a smartwatch through BYOD, then make sure it's compatible. If you have a problem, you can get in touch with a support executive through various support options.


So that's all in the Verizon Apple Watch Plan & other compatible Smartwatch lists. Surely with this plan, you will be connected to the Internet so that you can stay on top of fitness & health.

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