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How to Fix Apple Watch Apps Stucked on HomePage

In this guide check out how to fix Apple Watch Native Apps Stucked on HomePage Apple’s enhanced version of Watch OS, The Watch OS 2 is facing certain problems during the update. Though the update worked very well with some of the devices, a big number of Apple Watches are facing down by update not screening, i.e., the Native Apps stuck on the Home page and installation verification. Here we are going to bring a fix to this issue. Fix Apple Watch Stucked on HomePage Users are continually running towards the Reddit and Mac Rumours complaining of Apple Watch Native Apps Stuck on… Read More

Verizon Apple Watch Plan Cost & Compatible Smartwatch List

Check out the Verizon Apple Watch plan, pricing & compatible Verizon Smartwatch list. Verizon Wireless is one of the biggest telecom networks not only in the USA but also across the world. It has a total of 143 million subscribers and offers various telecom services. Just as we go through Spectrum Mobile Apple Watch plan, many Apple Watch users requested for Apple Watch plan on Verizon and here we are with the Verizon Apple Watch Plan. So let's check out. Verizon Apple Watch Plan: Apple Watch is compatible with all iPhones and even works on Android mobile phones too because… Read More

Spectrum Apple Watch Plan - Is it Worth?

Check out Spectrum Apple Watch plan, price, and compatible Watch series list. Roger on our Facebook Group for Apple products discussions asked a question - Can I connect my smartwatch to the Spectrum Mobile network? Straight forward I didn't have an answer for it but I had to do a bit of research to reply to his question. So I took the help of the Google search engine and Spectrum website and I found an answer. There are many operators which provide data for Apple Watch Cellular that you own and here we go through one such MVNO that sells… Read More

How to Download Offline Music on Apple Watch using Spotify

Here in this guide I will tell you how to download offline music on Apple Watch using Spotify. How about dancing to your favorite song while cooking? or running and listening to music without worrying about carrying your iPhone! Now you can do both, i.e., leave your phone behind while running or at a workout and dance to your favorite tune while cooking. Thanks to Spotify's new feature, you will be able to download Spotify music on Apple Watch and play it offline anytime/anywhere. Yes, you heard it right. (Also Read: Apple Watch Spectrum plans) Here I will be going… Read More