5 Best iPhone Cloud Storage Apps List

Best iPhone cloud storage apps

Need suggestion on Cloud Storage for iOS devices? We have listed 6 best iPhone cloud storage apps with storage limits, pros & cons.

Are you the one to have an addiction to running iPhones? If yes, here is the list of awesome and featured cloud storage apps that are becoming popular for their ultimate performance.

These apps are good not only for accessing the files but also to help your store.

Best iPhone Cloud Storage Apps

One of the most important things to note about cloud storage services is that they are good to keep you synchronized; moreover, they can be shared, collaborated, and backed up from anywhere. Although, are many good cloud storage apps to support you always.

I know that there is Apple's Cloud storage service i.e., iCloud in operation but that is limited to only a maximum of 5 GB storage and if you need more you need to buy it. As I see 50 GB iCloud storage costs $0.99 a month,

The following are the six best iPhone cloud storage apps 2020 compatible with iPhone 11, iPhone X models, and older iPhones like iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 7, 7+, iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6, iPhone 5S, 5C, 4, and other iPhone models including iPad models too -

So here they are -


The app is available for iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, and other foundations where you are offered lucrative plans. The user gets 2 GB free and the chance of earning 500 MB for every reference gets over 18 GB of FREE Storage.

Dropbox just works as an app on iOS while as a folder on Mac and Windows from where you can use it for uploading pictures for storage and back up. It can even help you to set up synchronization between two devices. Further, I use Dropbox to store my personal ID proofs. If you have downloaded it for Mac, use the same email ID on your iPhone and you will get seamless integration between both of your devices.

Download Dropbox for iPhone

Sugar Sync for iPhone

Sugar sync is good for those who have a special concern regarding uploading through email or special outlook storage. Moreover, the app works well for a general back up and sync process. Actually, this app is supported by an MS Outlook plugin that makes things easier to upload. Sugar Sync plans are so reasonable that you can get 60 GB storage at $ 7.50 per month.

Download Sugar Sync for iPhone

Google Drive for iPhone

Google Drive is nothing but an ultimate app that works on iOS and possesses some new features for cloud storage of files. The special feature of the app is that it is updated with a visual overhaul and a far efficient search bar.

Google drive is becoming popular for offering the link of the file for sharing apart from a well-working feature of renaming, starring, moving, copying, and deleting the file.

Download Google Drive for iPhone

One Drive for iPhone

The MS cloud storage service to sync MS office with the online world is known as One Drive (earlier Skydrive).  As the app is supported by Microsoft itself, it has a significant identity in the world of cloud storage apps. Apart from getting 15 GB free space, one drive is good to offer the chance of upgrading up for extra storage.

Download One Drive for iPhone


Box for iOS possesses a new UI and navigation feature along with updates for media and documentation. With the latest version, this app became a sifter for uploading documents and photos. Moreover, sharing files also become simplified with the new version. Expectations are there that the app will be upgraded with bookmarks, air print support, and a video saving feature soon.

Download Box for iPhone - Link

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So those were the top iPhone Cloud Storage apps available for free download. Do let us know if you have found any other interesting and which one are you using right now.

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