Fix QLink Data Not Working - QLink Wireless Hotspots Location

Qlink data not working on iPhone, Android

In this guide check out how you can fix QLink data not working on iPhone and Android-based Samsung/Moto Phones.

QLink is a fast-growing and well-known free cell phone service with the government's Lifeline program support. For those who are new to the term lifeline, it's a federally funded government program that provides millions of Americans with free wireless service of text and talks to eligible residents. But many people have reported QLink mobile data problems/issues or they are unable to access mobile internet. So we thought of coming out with an article on how to fix using QLink data not working.

So let's get started and make sure you follow the steps mentioned below and also fix QLink SIM not working fix.

QLink Data Not Working:

If you have any trouble accessing the internet on your mobile phone then follow the below-mentioned tricks in order wise -


Valid Internet Plan

First and foremost you should check that you have a valid mobile data plan on your mobile phone. This will clear your doubt and so what you need to do is to recharge and get a plan in accordance with your need.

Data Limit or Data Cap

Any mobile operator plan comes with data limits or also called data caps. If you have reached your monthly data limits then the internet might not work on your mobile phone. You can easily manage your data under Settings > Mobile Data > Data usage.

QLink Data Slow:

If you have reached your monthly data cut-off limits, many network operators downgrade browsing speed on the mobile phone for the rest of the month. 5G provides high internet download speeds and as such data can be consumed fast. If you are reporting that 5G is not working on iPhone or iPad then you might be a victim of slow data or data consumption.

In such cases, you can't do anything except switch over to Wi-Fi for Internet access you can even use other's mobile hotspots.

Check APN settings

If you can't browse then please check out APN settings on your mobile device. If necessary reset it or modify it. As such you shouldn't try out tricks like APN Settings for free Unlimited data, it causes more harm to your phone than good.

Toggle Airplane Mode:

Toggling airplane mode might be one of the easiest ways to troubleshoot such problems.

Reboot your Device:

Rebooting your device might solve many problems in general and this is the first and foremost thing to do. Check out whether this improves the Qlink service or not.

Reset Network Settings:

Now finally if you have tried all the mentioned troubleshooting steps mentioned above then it causes no harm in resetting the network settings. This will realign your mobile with the correct configuration needed for mobile internet access.

Reinsert SIM card:

Pin setting the SIM card may troubleshoot sim card-related problems. If you have an issue with your SIM card then you might need to replace it. You can also read a guide on how to fix Invalid SIM error on iPhone.

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QLink Unlimited Data Not Working:

Make sure you check out the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps and then try to check out whether your unlimited plan has expired or not.


If everything is ok, then it might be the network outage and alternatively, you can contact the QLink customer care department and talk to an agent.

QLink 5G Not Working:

If 5g is not working on QLink Wireless mobile phone then you will have to go through a whole new set of 5G troubleshooting steps. The major problem could be -

  • 5G Penetration: 5G is still new and is expanding its presence in cities, towns, and villages. It will definitely take time.
  • 5G SIM: For 5G you will need a 5G SIM card and contact your service provider to get a 5G SIM card.
  • Network Mode: Make sure that your phone network is in Auto Mode. You can find this under your phone settings.

QLink WiFi Calling Not Working:

WiFi Calling allows you to make free calls to any number from your QLink number. If it's not working then you need to check whether your WiFi is working properly or not.

Also make sure that WiFi calling is turned ON on your device. You can follow these steps on Android -

  1. Go to Settings and long-press the Wi-Fi icon to see Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Select Wi-Fi Preferences.
  3. Select Advanced.
  4. Select Wi-Fi Calling and tap to switch to “ON”.

On iPhone with QLink -

  • From the Home screen, select Settings.
  • Select Phone.
  • Select Wi-Fi Calling.
  • Finally, tap on WiFi Calling on this Phone.

QLink PUK Code:

PUK Code is needed for the SIM card locking so that anyone else can't use it without your permission. It's although not used now. Check out this guide on how to get QLink PUK Code.

QLink Wireless Hotspot: Not Working or Unable to Connect

For Q Link sometimes the hotspot might not work on your device and issues may include -

  • Mobile data consumed
  • Daily quote limit
  • Daily speed limits
  • Wrong APN Settings
  • Services down temporarily

QLink SIM Card Not Working:

Finally, you have arrived at the most searched issues related to the mobile network i.e., QLink SIM card not working problems & issues.

So that's all for the QLink wireless hotspot details. Talking about hotspots i.e., sharing mobile data with other devices that you have (to be clear with you), it's not allowed. QLink has clearly said this.

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With the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, I hope that the QLink data not working problem has been resolved on your mobile phone.

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