QLink Wireless Hotspot - Does it Allow?

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Just like Life Wireless, SafeLink & Choice, Qlink Wireless is one of the participating free government phone providers under various schemes. Alongside providing monthly charges for calls and texts it also offers free tablets and laptops to eligible households. Here we will be discussing QLink Wireless Hotspot does it allows or not to share mobile data with friends and family.

QLink Wireless Hotspot

Hotspot on mobile phones is a very useful property that allowed sharing of mobile data with other devices. But certain network providers in the United States limit the use of hotspot tethering on certain plans.

Some carriers have separate hotspot plans if you want to share mobile data. So the big question does QLink Wireless allows hotspot or tethering?

Let's check it out in this article.

Since QLink Wireless is a government phone provider you might not be able to share mobile data with others. QLink has clearly mentioned hotspot or tethering on the website, they clearly have said - "currently doesn't offer hotspot for devices with our plans". Practically it's not possible or not allowed to share mobile data on a government-provided free phone and that's what it is.

What Network does QLink use

If you still need an answer to your query then please call QLink customer care for further help.

If QLink allows hotspot or tethering and it's not working for you then it might be because of the following reasons -

  • Mobile data consumed: Certain carriers have caps on data that can be shared per day.
  • Daily quote limit
  • Daily Speed limits
  • Wrong APN Settings: Check out the proper APN for QLink configuration.
  • Services down temporarily: Yeah it might happen!
  • Data not Working or Turned OFF

So that's all for the QLink wireless hotspot details.

QLink Compatible Phones List


Free QLink Hotspot:

QLink Wireless has tied up with more than 50 sponsors to offer free hotspots in more than 10 million locations across the United States. To find the location and automatically connect to available WiFi hotspots nearby you need to download My Mobile Account App

. This allows you to save money and precious mobile data. Check out the list of participating locations where QLink hotspots are available.

QLink SIM Card Not Working

Have trouble with a SIM card on QLink, then you can call the customer care department and talk to them about the issue. They will surely help you out.

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