Who is Calling from Area Code 855 - Location, Map

Call from Area Code 855

Wanted to know who is calling from Area Code 855. Know what is this mobile extension used for and which country is it associated with.

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) was introduced in 1999 to provide numbers for a growing customer base. A unique 3-digit code is assigned before the 7-digit mobile number to make it 10-digit and it varies from state to state. Previously we have gone through the 717 area code and here in this article, we go through what area code 855 location and whether is it safe to answer calls from this area code or not.

What Area Code is 855

Usually, all the numbers starting with the 3-digit code 855 are the registered toll-free numbers for business. Interestingly dial code 877, 866, 888, and 800 are also used for toll numbers but this 855 code is widely used for locations including across boundaries of North America, i.e., USA, Bermuda, Canada, and certain islands of the Caribbean.

Who is Calling from Area Code 855?

Have you ever wondered which area code does the mobile number starting with (855) corresponds to?

Unlike the 724 and 516, the numbers starting with 855 are usually the toll-free numbers of registered and non-registered businesses and the reason why you might get these calls may fall into one of the following categories -

  • For product support (annual membership renewal, product installation, or feedback)
  • Promotional Calls: Many businesses promote credit cards, equity trading and loans
  • Spam Calls: These calls are intended to intrude into user data for stealing passwords, and OTPs.

Area Code 855 Map

The 855 area code corresponds to toll-free numbers across the United States, Canada, and nearby countries.

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How to get an (855) Number

If you want to promote your business nationwide with (855) toll-free number, then follow these simple and straightforward processes to get a toll free number -

  • Choosing a Toll-Free Service provider is the first step you should take. Make sure to do some research on different providers in terms of features, pricing, and customer support.
  • Choose Essential Features like Call forwarding, Voicemail, and advanced analytics, .etc.,. Definite these requirements and make sure your provider meets them.
  • Checking for Availability of desired 855 number. You might want to give it time to choose a fancy number or a normal number.
  • Once ready with the desired number, it's time to provide the necessary documents to register that number under your name.

Please remember that if you spam or call people just to promote your product, you might see a red mark marked as a junk call or spam call if the users have caller identification or call ID app. So I would advise you to use the (855) number in a fair way.

1-855 Scammer Numbers

As I told you, toll numbers can be used by businesses for promotions too. As several businesses have started reaching customers for their product promotion or sale, several users have reported scam calls starting with the 855 number.

The following are the reported 855 scam numbers -

855-704-4503 – Time Warner claims this number

855-982-9164 - Fraud reported from this number

855-703-7562 – This is a robocall and a survey scam

855-973-1040 – This is the number for the delivery service DoorDash

855-757-7372 – Xfinity Prepaid uses this number

855-836-1987 – Old Google customer service number

855-652-3446 – Official Xfinity support number

1-855-698-3249 - Microsoft Support Line Scam number

1-800-593-7915 - Spam Microsoft Support Number

855-698-3249 - Microsoft Support Scam number

1855-201-3828 - Another Microsoft Support Scam number

Is 1-855-485-2941 Legit or a Scam?

Karen on the Microsoft support site has reported that his laptop has shut me out. A message was displayed saying the laptop had a Critical Threat Detected: Trojan Horse Spyware. Access to my computer has been blocked for security reasons. Says to contact support immediately to resolve the issue. It displayed the "Microsoft Helpline number as +1-855-485-2941". Is this legit or not?

Let's analyze!

Answer: Usually, Microsoft doesn't request you to call support for any help. This is a "tech support scam" and the numbers displayed are fake error messages, that offer a fake solution by asking for payment in the form of a subscription or one-time fee.

Area Code 845 Location

Area Code 909 Map

When you run into such problems, often try to boot your PC in safe mode.

How can I know who is calling me from 855 number?

As I told you, numbers starting with 855, 866, 888, and 800 are used for toll-free numbers and these calls are usually from business. It may be a spam call or a promotional call. One way to identify such businesses is to use caller ID apps like TrueCaller and alternatively, you can search for the number on the Internet about any reported incident from that number.

Toll-Free Area Codes 855, 866, 877, 888
Countries USA, Bermuda, Canada, Caribbean
Used for Promotional Calls, Customer Support


So that's all about the Area code 855, which is usually the toll-free number across North American countries. We have also listed out the most commonly used spammers in this dialing code.

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