What & Where is 724 Area Code - Location, Cities, Counties

724 area code location, map

Map showing Location of Area Code 724 Location (Image Source: OpenStreetMap)

What & Where is 724 Area Code Verizon Wireless in USA, Area code 724 location, counties, cities, and region.

The United States of America introduced area codes in order to serve millions of phone customers. These telephone dialing areas have a unique number assigned to a state or a part of the state and it can be possible that a state may have more than one area code. Here will be discussing the 724 area code location and region. These area codes are used for local landline calls, cell phones (individual & business), & fax.

724 Area Code

Area code 724 corresponds to Pennsylvania West. i.e., the 724 code should be dialed before the 7 digit number for all the landlines, cell phones (individual & business), & fax.

Not all part of the Pennsylvania region uses this code and so it further raises questions on which part does this area code corresponds to? So let us go through the list of cities and localities where this dialing code applies.

Counties under 724:

  • Allegheny County (northern, eastern, and western edges)
  • Armstrong County (all except the northeast portion)
  • Beaver County
  • Butler County
  • Clarion County (portions of the west)
  • Crawford County (extreme southwestern portion only)
  • Fayette County
  • Greene County
  • Indiana County (all except portions of east)
  • Lawrence County
  • Mercer County (all except the northeastern portion)
  • Venango County (southeastern portion only)
  • Washington County
  • Westmoreland County (all except portion in extreme northeast)

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Area Code 724 Cities

The area code is for the following cities -

  • New Castle
  • Murrysville
  • Hermitage
  • Beaver Falls
  • Brave
  • Butler
  • California
  • Clark
  • Clinton
  • Crabtree
  • Darlington
  • Greensburg
  • & Many more

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So that's all about the 724 Area Code location map and region details.

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