How to Enable 5G on Cricket Wireless Phone & Tablet

Enable 5G on Cricket Wireless network

In this guide check out how to enable 5G on Cricket Wireless network, requirements, and plans.

5G is a new technology in mobile development. While getting a push for 5G, there are several questions in the user's mind like is my mobile is compatible or not, and how to enable 5G on Cricket Wireless phones. People are reluctant to know this and they want the help of Google to know more about it. So here is the guide on how does Cricket Wireless 5G works and what you need to know.

How to Enable 5G on Cricket Wireless:

This is the primary question that subscribers who aren't connected to the technology world ask! So, let me break this article into two parts -

  1. What is a 5G Network
  2. Requirements to use 5G on Cricket Wireless

What is a 5G Network?

As the name suggests, 5G is the fifth-generation mobile network(or Cellular standards). A successor of the 4G network, cellular phone companies started deploying it in 2019 and it was developed by 3GPP, i.e., The 3rd Generation Partnership Project. It's an umbrella term for a number of standard organizations that develop and maintain various mobile technologies around the world like GSM, UMTS, LTE, and now 5G.

Requirements for Cricket Wireless 5G:

Now that you come to know that 5G is the newer technology that provides higher download and upload speeds than its previous generation, let's check out what are the requirements to run a mobile on Cricket 5G network.

You will 100% need the following -

5G Compatible Mobile Phone:

The first and foremost requirement to use the 5G is that your mobile phone should be 5G compatible. I mean your mobile phone should have all or atleast required 5G bands mentioned by 3GPP for 5G network standards. Almost all the phones launched in 2022, and 2023 are 5G capable but yet it's not available on older phones.

Usually, mobiles with 5G support have a 5G name on it like Galaxy A14 5G, Moto G 5G, or Cricket Magic 5G.

So you should have a 5G compatible handset and you can easily do it by Googling your phone name online or if you are purchasing one, check out network support or the presence of 5G frequency bands on the phone's specifications.

5G SIM Card:

Now that you have a 5G smartphone, time to get a new 5G SIM card. Without the latest 5G SIM, you can't access 5G even though you have a 5G mobile phone. So, ask for a 5G compatible SIM by visiting the nearby Cricket store or ordering it online from the website or official app.

Valid 5G Plan:

Mobile network right now has both 4G LTE and higher-speed 5G LTE networks. Usually, the 5G plans are more costly than predecessor 4G plans. Make sure you have a valid 5G data plan and if you consume the available 5G data, you will be auto-shifted to 4G data for the rest of the month.

Please check out for the latest 5G plans on the Cricket Wireless website or app.

Network Availability:

In order to make 5G available, your network towers should be upgraded to support 5G bands so it usually takes a lot of time and capital. Cricket Wireless is trying to make 5G available in parts of America and states where it operates.

Usually, 5G is available in all major cities and towns of the USA but signal reception may be impacted by various reasons and it may not be available in national parks, forests, deserts, and mountains. You can check Cricket 5G coverage here.

I would recommend you keep your Network Mode on Auto so that it can use the best network available at a particular place like your home or office.

How to Use Cricket 5G

In order to use 5G on Cricket, you should meet the above-mentioned requirements of a 5G smartphone with a 5G SIM and a valid 5G plan. Make sure you have the right settings to use under the Network Mode Settings and then you can use 5G.

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This is enough to browse the Internet at a higher speed using 5G technology and there will not be video pause while on video calls. Enjoy it until your 5G data caps last or choose a 5G unlimited plan.


So those were the requirements to enable 5G on the Cricket Wireless network. If you have any trouble, you can reach the official representative at Cricket Wireless toll-free numbers.

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