Sky Device or Sky Tablet - Things to Know as ACP Network

Sky Device or Sky Tablet

Sky Device or Sky Tablet: Check out details on Sky Devices government phone/tablet as provided under the ACP program.

Affordable Connectivity Program stipulates providing a free smartphone along with a monthly discount of up to $30 and up to $75 for tribal lands. However, there is one thing that you need to understand FCC has mentioned various guidelines for ACP which should be followed by the network provider. Here various smartphones are available under this scheme including devices manufactured by Apple, Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, Kyocera, Plum, BLU, Sky Devices, and many others.

Talking about Sky Device phones which are distributed under this scheme, there is a range of mobile phones available. The company regularly launches new mobile phones every quarter and here we go through further details about the company.

Sky Device

Sky Devices LLC is an American company that manufactures smartphones, wearable watches, tablets, TVs, and security cameras. It's not an OEM and they have tied up with local suppliers in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam to make phones for them. It aims to provide affordable mobile phones with great design and quality.

The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida. We go through more details here -

Sky Device Phone:

The company has unveiled the following mobile phones until now -

  • Sky Elite B65
  • Sky Elite Max
  • Sky Elite A55
  • Sky Elite A5
  • Sky Elite B5
  • Sky Elite T6
  • Sky Elite H5
  • Elite H55
  • Elite B55
  • Elite P55
  • Elite P5
  • Elite C5
  • Elite D5
  • Elite C55
  • Elite E55
  • Sky Prestige
  • Sky Elite A65
  • Sky Prestige X
  • Sky Elite E55 Max
  • Sky Elite BlackMax
  • Sky Elite J55
  • Sky Elite L55
  • Sky Elite A6
  • Sky Elite N55
  • Elite B4
  • Platinum 5 Series
  • Platinum G55
  • Platinum H5
  • Platinum P4

Sky Tablet:

So that's all we know about the Sky tablet or Sky Device Government handset. The company has launched the following tablets now -

  1. Platinum View2
  2. Sky Vision 2
  3. Platinum A7
  4. Sky Elite Octa
  5. Sky Kid
  6. Sky Elite T10
  7. Elite OctaMax 1
  8. Sky MaxView
  9. Sky Elite T8 Plus
  10. Sky Pad 10 Max
  11. Sky Pad 8 Pro

Sky Devices Elite Octa Tablet

Among the tablets currently sold by the company are the following models -

Tablet Name Price
Sky Elite Octa -
Sky Elite T10 -
Sky Elite Octa Max 1 -
Sky Elite T8 Plus -
Sky Pad 10 Max -
Sky Pad 8 Pro -

Sky Phone Warranty:

According to an official statement, the company provides a 12-month warranty on its smartphone range.

Sky Support:

You can get support related to software updates and services via the following methods -

  • Contact by email
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Profile

Office Address:

SKY Devices LLC
848 Brickel Ave, Suite 1010
Miami, Florida 33021
United States

Are Sky Devices Good?

Sky Devices phones and tablets are manufactured in China and are of decent quality which follows all the FCC guidelines but you get what you pay for.

Sky Device User Manual:

The User manual for all the devices is available in digital format i.e., PDF format on the company's website. Wow! That's a great thing. You can access it here.

Spectrum Apple Watch

Verizon Apple Watch

Sky Device Phone Number:

You can reach Sky customer service at +(305) 531-5218 or email them at

Final Words:

So that's all about the Sky Devices phones and tablets. It's only available in the United States of America.

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