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How to Play Music while Recording Video on iPhone or iPad

In this guide check out How to play music while recording video on iPhone, iPad + bonus tip on record audio during screen recording. When Steve Jobs launched an iPhone in 2007 it became the biggest revolution in mobile phone industry. Since then a lot of new features are getting added and recently people have a search for how to play music while recording video on iPhone and iPad. So after a long time How to guide on Apple things. (Recommended Reading: Fix Slow iPhone) With the arrival of Facebook Stories,  Instagram Reels and YouTube Stories it has become necessity… Read More

Where are iPhones Manufactured or Made or Assembled

Eager to know Where are iPhones manufactured or made or assembled. Check it out here! Apple iPhone is still the best smartphone based on the customer experience. It's a known fact that a new Apple device is launched once a year and it still dominates other phones. It has quickly become not only a household brand but a desire for anyone to own an iPhone. With such demand, it has become the world's first-ever trillion-dollar company. Those who once got used to the iPhone always prefer to upgrade to the iPhone only and not move to Android. Many users who… Read More

How to Check for iOS version on iPhone

In this guide check out how to check for iOS version on iPhone (iPhone 12/11, iPhone X, iPhone 8, 7, 6, 5S, SE, 5C, 5, 4S, 4). I started blog in order to provide a basic how-to guide for not only hard things to do but also simple basic steps on operating an Apple iPhone. This is one of the articles targeted at novice iPhone users. iPhone from the very beginning has created a stir. It is known for its various features, and also for its supporting system iOS which is famous all over the world. like every software,… Read More

Apple iPhone 14 Software Update, IR Blaster, FAQs

The Apple iPhone 14 as a known fact will be unveiled at the company's annual fall event which usually falls in the month of September every year. Check out details of the Apple iPhone 14 including the release date and rumors. Apple iPhone 14: Check all the details regarding the Apple iPhone 14 here - Models Specs Screenshot Stuck on Boot Logo Hotspot Not Working Siri Not Working iPhone 14 APN Settings iPhone 14 Software Update IR Blaster Screen Recording Storage Free iPhone 14 Models: The iPhone 14 series will include the following four models - Apple iPhone 14 Apple… Read More

iPhone Storage Almost Full Problem: 9 Ways to Free up Space for More Storage

Do you see the "iPhone Storage Almost Full" problem on screen? Here are 9 ways to get rid of it by free/deleting space on iPhone & iPad. If you own an iPhone, be it iPhone 13 or iPhone 8 or iPhone X and you are having issues with freeing up the Storage space then here we bring you 9 ways which help you to free storage space on your iOS device. As we know that most of the device storage is occupied by the OS itself, so you don't get much space to use. iPhone Storage Almost Full Problem These… Read More

iPhone Screen Rotate Settings - Auto Mode & How to Fix

Check out how to adjust Apple iPhone screen rotate settings. Works great for Apple iPad too. Being able to rotate your iPhone screen brings lots of conveniences while watching a movie, playing games, or accessing an app. Not all apps can rotate in iPhone. Try using Safari or Messages which are known to work in landscape mode. There are a couple of reasons why the iPhone screen might not rotate and it is easy to fix. People have also searched for this in various terms like auto rotate iPhone or auto rotate Apple iPad. iPhone Screen Rotate Settings In this… Read More

Simple Mobile APN Settings 5G/4G LTE

Check out Simple Mobile APN Settings for 5G & 4G LTE Android and iPhone models. Simple Mobile is a T-Mobile MVNO that provides affordable smartphones. We have gone through the list of Simple Mobile compatible phones list and here are the Simple Mobile 5G APN that you need to enter. Simple Mobile is owned by Tracfone Wireless which is owned by American Movil and has more than 1 million subscribers. Simple Mobile APN Settings Please enter the values as mentioned here carefully and correctly - Name Simple Mobile 5G APN  Name  Simple Mobile APN  APN  Proxy  Port  80  Username  Password… Read More

How to Unblock a Number on iPhone or iPad Easily

Have you accidentally blocked contact on iPhone? Here is the guide on How to Unblock a Number on iPhone or iPad Easily. I am Yogesh Khetani and I run an Apple iPhone-based Facebook Group called All Things Apple and one of the users named Chad Gable asked me a question. He asked me how to unblock a number on iPhone as he has accidentally blocked USPS delivery guy contact on his iPhone 12. Well, it's quite simple but he actually didn't know the process as he recently moved from Android to iPhone. Further, he didn't save that contact previously. Finally,… Read More

When you type Apale in Google - Surprising Results

See surprising results when you type Apale in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. People often comets mistakes while writing for searching for a particular word. According to a published on TimesNews says that more than half of Americans are bad spellers which gives a clear indication that people of America commit mistakes not only while writing but also while searching online on Google or other search engines. One of the similar mistakes happened while searching for companies names like blue phone and Apple which can be sometimes searched as apale. Apple is the first trillion-dollar company in the world… Read More

What to do when Apple Mouse is Not Working

If you can't connect your Magic Mouse to your Mac then here is what you should do when Apple Mouse is not working. Apple Mouse is a perfect companion & the best accessory for your MacBook for those who are looking for performance at work. Not many times, but sometimes the Apple Mouse might give you trouble, and it's common with all the electronic products. Before looking further, it's best to try out Apple Mouse troubleshooting at home. Apple Mouse is Not Working Try these steps to resolve issues with your Magic accessories. Turn it OFF then ON Bluetooth is… Read More