How to Take Photos on iPhone Using Countdown Timer

Photos on iPhone Using Countdown Timer

In this guide check out How to Take Photos on iPhone Using Countdown Timer.

The latest update of iOS brings you an amazing feature of camera app in iPhone or iPad with the facility of self-timer so that you will be able to take your ultimate selfies with its great picture quality and you can use this feature at any other occasions without the need of a photographer or someone else. This tremendous app will let you take better quality images without any help from other people. You just have to set the timer and take your position your camera will do the next step by itself.

Setup timer on iPhone or iPad camera

Here are the steps that should be followed by you for taking amazing pictures simply -

First step

In the initial step, you first have to instigate the camera app on your iPad or iPhone device. Now you can see the timer icon on the top right-hand side; just simply touch that icon and after that, you can set the timer.


Second step

Initially, your timer is off; you can set the timer time for either 3 seconds or 10 seconds. After using the timer the countdown will be started and on your iPad or iPhone screen.

Third step

The next step is to tap the camera for taking the picture. But please be informed that it does not have an LED flash hence it is not able to indicate to you the remaining time until the photo is clicked. However, at the time of taking a picture, the LED flash goes off which means that a second has gone but the same will get faster when the last 3 seconds remaining.

Fourth step

After all of the settings, your task is finished. Now you just have to take the appropriate place where you want to take your picture and stand in your favorite position, a smart camera will click the perfect picture of yours when the time is up.

It is usually used to take 11 pictures from which you can select your best click.

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