Fix Assurance Data Not Working on iPhone & Android

Assurance data not working iPhone Android 5G 4G LTE

In this guide check out how to fix Assurance Data not working on iPhone & Android mobile/tablet.

Assurance Wireless is one of the prominent mobile service providers in America and it's also an operator that supports the Lifeline program under the state-run Affordable Connectivity Program ACP previously known as EBB.

Here are several reasons why assurance data is not working on your mobile phone.

Assurance Data not Working

You are the reasons why assurance has problems connecting to data or the internet -

Network Mode

The availability of 5G, 4G, and 3G depends upon the area you live. In some places, 5G might not be available and in some places, it would be hard to get a 3G signal. Further, you can't be in a single place all day. So it's the right thing to select auto mode under Settings > Network Mode.

So what will you do? It will ensure that your mobile phone will change the network data bands according to availability in the network tower to which you are connected. So if 5G or 4G is not available then it will connect to either 2G or 3G. If 5G is available then it will connect to 5G and if not then 4G LTE has the widest coverage in America.

Correct APN Settings

For proper internet reception, you need to have proper APN settings on your mobile phone. APN stands for Access Point Names and these are the settings through which your mobile phone connects to your assigned Network operator. Check out Assurance APN Settings.


For 5G you will need a 5G compatible sim, so if you have a two or three years old SIM card then Assurance mobile data might not be working. If this is the problem then consider going for a new SIM.

Check Data Limits or Caps

All the carriers provide data caps on the amount of data that you can use. Check out whether you have reached the data limits on your mobile phone or not.

Network Outage or Server Upgrade

Check out whether there is a network outage or not. You can stay updated with your service provider's news and updates on Twitter & Facebook or contact your customer care to know.

Reset Network Settings

You can easily reset the network settings on your phone to fix the issue. Remember that these settings will change on your phone's WiFi, mobile data APN, and Bluetooth settings on your phone and your data will be still safe.

Contact your Service Provider

The last option left for you is to call the Assurance customer care number and talk to a real human agent.

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Final Words:

So that's how you can fix Assurance Data not working on mobile phones. If it is still not fixed, first of all, I am sorry and alternatively, you can call Assurance Wireless customer care for help.

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