Free Government Phone Companies/Providers List Statewise

Free Government Phone Companies providers alaska NC New York

Let's go through the free Government phone Companies/providers list statewise.

Looking for a free Government phone as approved by FCC? There are a number of free government phone companies and providers in the USA. Here we have gone through the list of all the ACP free phone providers.

To tell you more about the government phone providers under the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP Program), it's limited to one per household. Apart from providing monthly 250/500 minutes, you can get a free cell phone and a one-time discount on the purchase of tablets and laptops. We have already gone through a guide on how to get a free iPhone through the ACP program.

Free Government Phone Companies

Here is the list of State-wise free government cell phone companies & providers -


 Free Government Phone Providers

Alabama CSpire, PineBelt Communications, Southern Linc, Twire
Alaska Copper Valley Telecom, GCI, Cordova Telecom Cooperative, TelAlaska
Arizona CellularOne, Choice Wireless
Arkansas Easy Wireless, True Wireless
Colorado Choice Wireless, Viaero Wireless
Georgia Southern Linc
Hawaii Sandwich Isles Communications Inc
Idaho Inland Cellular
Illinois IV Cellular
Kentucky New Phone Wireless
MaryLand True Wireless
Michigan ThumbCellular
Mississippi Cspire, Southern Linc
Missouri NorthWest Missouri Cellular
Nebraska Viaero Wireless
Nevada Choice Wireless
New Mexico Choice Wireless
North Dakota Red Rock Telecom
Oklahoma Pine Cellular, Panhandle Telecommunications Systems
South Dakota Red Rock Telecom
Texas Panhandle Telecommunications Systems, West Central Wireless
Utah Choice Wireless
Washington Inland Cellular
Wisconsin Cellcom
Wyoming Union Wireless

Free Government Smartphone in Alaska:

If you are living in Alaska then you can contact Copper Valley Telecom, GCI, Cordova Telecom Cooperative, TelAlaska mobile network operators on the process on how to get onboard.

Free Cell Phone in Alabama:

CSpire, PineBelt Communications, Southern Linc, Twire Network has a license to sell and offer free government phone companies service in Alabama state.

Free Government Phones Louisiana:

In Louisiana, you can get connected free cell phone through Cintex Wireless

, & Choice Wireless.

Airtalk Wireless Free Government Phones:

Airtalk Wireless is yet another free cell phone service provider company.

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Assurance Wireless phone upgrade

So that's all we have in the free government phone companies/providers list statewise.

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