APN Settings for Unlimited Data on iPhone & iPad

APN Settings for Unlimited Data on iPhone, iPad

Check out the FREE APN Settings for Unlimited Data on Apple iPhone - Is it possible? Let's check it out!

Unlimited free data is one thing that many people search on Google but sadly your searches remind only searches. So in this article let's figure out are any free APN settings for unlimited data on iPhone are available or not.

What is APN?

APN stands for Access Point Names. It's a synonym given in the world of mobiles which tells us that these are the mobile settings related to mobile Internet data reception on your cell phone. Now there are lots of mobile networks available worldwide and each network has its own APN settings.

So if you have to choose Verizon Wireless as your network provider then you will need to enter Verizon APN settings for mobile calls, messages, and data for browsing.

APN Settings for Unlimited Data on iPhone

Now that we have learned what is APN settings now let's get back to the original discussion of whether unlimited data on iPhone or iPad is possible through any of the APN hacks.

What do you think?

You must have definitely landed on this page from Google searching for free data on iPhone. Well, you have come to the right page for the right information.

Alright alright, finally coming to the discussion, let me tell you that in general, it's not possible to get free data until unless your mobile network is operating that just like Jio in India but Reliance was offered for free for several months by Mukesh Ambani

a multi-millionaire from India. But not everyone is Mukesh Ambani and everyone got their business not for charity but for money, what I call it Vitamin M(M for Money).

You might find many pages on the web telling you about free unlimited data hacks or guide on how to do that but believe me these pages causes you more harm than good because they might have a popup to do fishy things on you.

You can get unlimited data on iPhone in the following conditions -

  • If a network provider is offering
  • Through rare technical glitches (doesn't work for longer period)
  • Promotional offers

iPad APN Settings Unlimited Data

Just like iPhone unlimited data on Apple iPad is only possible in the above cases mentioned but it rarely happens.

So those are the APN settings for Unlimited Data on iPhone & iPad. Do let us know if you have any queries with it.

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