TruConnect Activation Step by Step Guide

TruConnect Activation SIM card phone

In this guide check out the step by step guide to TruConnect Activation for your ACP free cell phone service.

A few networks like Assurance Wireless, Cintex Wireless, AirTalk, QLink Wireless, and Excess Telecom have quickly gained popularity as registered free cell phone providers. TruConnect too is a part of such classifications and regarding the network, people are searching for the TruConnect Activation guide. Here we have gone through step by step guide for the same.

TruConnect Activation

TruConnect Wireless is surely a True Connection gateway to free smartphone services. Several people are happy with its services and they provide decent network services. Apart from TruConnect you can try out alternatives like Airtalk Wireless, Assurance Wireless, QLink Wireless, and Cintex Wireless.

If you are reading this paragraph it means that you are looking to activate TruConnect SIM card and phone that you got free with the Affordable Connectivity Program then it's quite simple and easy.

Make sure to open and check all the items that you received when you got the free government phone. You might have got a phone with TruConnect SIM card. Make sure to charge your phone and then put the SIM card into it. If you are not sure, then open YouTube and search with your phone model + how to insert SIM, like for iPhone 7

, search with 'how to insert SIM card on Apple iPhone 7'.

Insert the SIM card and complete the phone setup. For a Samsung phone setup check this video and for Motorola phone setup video tutorial. Once complete just check whether you are getting network signals or not.

If not sure, then dial 611 to call customer care and complete verification. Once you are connected to a real human, they will ask few details which you need to furnish and your application would be approved.

Generally, just by inserting the SIM card, your phone number will get activated with TruConnect.

Simple and easy!

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So that's how to activate TruConnect SIM card and free mobile phone services.

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