How to Check Tracfone Balance by Phone Number

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Are you looking for usage statistics and minutes lapse on your Tracfone? Here is a guide on how you can check Tracfone Balance by phone number.

TracFone Wireless, abbreviated as TFW carrier, is a famous network provider in the USA. The service is used by around 21 million customers and it's among the top 10 mobile networks with the highest subscriber count because is a monthly cost-saving network providing various affordable plans for customers. Every month as per your plans you are provided with calling minutes, texts, and data. Once you cross those limits there is a data cap applied. For unlimited plans, you might get everything complete conditionally as they are not truly unlimited. So that's why it's a best practice to check TracFone balance regularly. Mentioned here are various ways to check Tracfone balance by phone number, app, website & SMS.

Tracfone Balance by Phone Number

Follow the below-mentioned steps in order to find out Tracfone balance by phone number -

  1. From your phone open the dialer or call option.
  2. Now dial *777*1# and call.
  3. You will be connected to an automated bot responder saying various options. Dial the desired number to check the balance.


Here are other ways in which you can find out balance -

TracFone Balance Check on the Website

You can visit the official website of track phone on your mobile/desktop or laptop and login with your details. Visit

Track phone minutes left by SMS

Trackon has started a new service through which it provides customers to check balances via SMS.

You need to send the following SMS to check your balance details -

Balance to 611611

Within a few seconds, you will receive all details via SMS on your phone.

Ideal solution:

The best and the perfect solution to regularly check and track phone usage is to download the TracFone My Account app available for Play Store and iPhone.

Follow these steps -

  • Visit the Play Store or App Store then search for a TracFone My Account or you can click this link to download the app directly on your mobile phone.
  • Open the app and enter your track phone login details to sign in. Generally, it's your mobile number but if it asks for other details and if it doesn't work then please call track phone customer care for help.

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Final Words:

Once you are done with it you are just a  click away from opening all these stats related to your Tracfone account.

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