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TelAlaska Compatible Phones list

TelAlaska Compatible Phones: Check out mobile phones that are works on TelAlaska mobile network.

TelAlaska is one of the lifeline providers in the United States, it primarily operates in Alaska state. Apart from internet service the company also provides mobile phone services as well and recently they got approval from the United States authority to sell free government phones. The company is also selling mobile phones on the website and let's go through TelAlaska compatible phones.

TelAlaska Phones:

Not all mobile phones work on all networks and if you are looking for TelAlaska Compatible phones, here we have gone through it.

Samsung Galaxy A12:

The Galaxy A series is an affordable range of mobile phones and the newest Galaxy A12 is the perfect choice while opting for the TelAlaska network. The MSP of Galaxy A12 is a 5000 mAh battery with fast charging and security on top thanks to a fingerprint sensor.

The device can be yours for just $199.99 and can be ordered from Amazon with next-day delivery. Just click the banner below -


Cat S41:

The newly launched CAT S41 mobile phone is a waterproof, IP-certified mobile phone available at a price of just above $400. It's optimized to work in the USA on most networks and works for TelAlaska too.

Price: $449


Snapfon ez4G

This mobile phone is specially designed for seniors as it has big buttons, numbers, hearing aid compatibility, enhanced volume and a speakerphone. Along with that it also has a camera flashlight, alarm, and emergency alerts system that contacts up to 5 numbers by voice or text.

TelAlaska Compatibility Checker:

So generally you can bring any phone to TelAlaska as they have to Bring Your Own Device policy but call TelAlaska at Toll-Free 1-800-478-3127 before ordering a device to check compatibility.


Simple Mobile Phones New

1 TB Mobile Phones

Even if you are bringing your phone from other networks then please contact TelAlaska customer care. So that's the TelAlaska Compatible Phones list.

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