How to Play Music while Recording Video on iPhone or iPad

How to Play Music while Recording Video on iPhone

In this guide check out How to play music while recording video on iPhone, iPad + bonus tip on record audio during screen recording.

When Steve Jobs launched an iPhone in 2007 it became the biggest revolution in mobile phone industry. Since then a lot of new features are getting added and recently people have a search for how to play music while recording video on iPhone and iPad. So after a long time How to guide on Apple things. (Recommended Reading: Fix Slow iPhone)

With the arrival of Facebook Stories,  Instagram Reels and YouTube Stories it has become necessity for the content creators to play a background music while their recording their video. Do you want to achieve the same or if you are one among those who find it difficult to record an audio while video recording, then you how arrive at the right place for the right guide.

How to Play Music while Recording iPhone:

Below mentioned easy steps will help you to record video on your iPhone while listening to music or add background music to the video or vice versa. If you also want background music during screen record then you can also do it.

  • Open the Camera app.
  • Keep the camera app on your iPhone open in the photo section remember don't select video.
  • Now go ahead and turn on music in the background.
  • Now hold the white shutter icon and drag it to the right side of the screen i.e., the video recording will start.
  • Your system default music app will continue music playback in the background.
  • Now click the Red square
    icon on the center of the screen when you are done with recording.

Record audio while playing music in the background

  1. Straight away open Settings and go to Control centre.
  2. Select Customise control and tap on Screen Recording.
  3. Open the camera and start recording.
  4. After you are done end the screen recording.
  5. Now use the third party up to extract audio from the video.

Play music in the Background during Screen Recording

Many users have asked whether it's possible to record music in screen recording on iPhone. You will get this is possible. Just follow the steps mentioned below -

  • Open Settings and tap on Control Centre.
  • Select customise control and tap on Screen recording.
  • Enable the recording on the device.
  • Please answer to turn on music in the background.
  • Once you are done click on the red reading icon in the menu bar to stop recording.
  • Screen recording will be saved under Gallery on your device.

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So that's how you can play music while recording video on iPhone or iPad or record music during screen recording on iPhone.

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