How to Play Music while Recording Video on iPhone or iPad

In this guide check out How to play music while recording video on iPhone, iPad + bonus tip on record audio during screen recording. When Steve Jobs launched an iPhone in 2007 it became the biggest revolution in mobile phone industry. Since then a lot of new features are getting added and recently people have a search for how to play music while recording video on iPhone and iPad. So after a long time How to guide on Apple things. (Recommended Reading: Fix Slow iPhone) With the arrival of Facebook Stories,  Instagram Reels and YouTube Stories it has become necessity… Read More

Simple Mobile Cerca de mi or Simple Mobile Near Me

Are you looking for a Simple Mobile store near me? Here is the guide for Simple Mobile Cerca de mi. There are a good number of no-contract cell phone providers in America and among the knowns include TracFone, Metro by T-Mobile, Straight Talk, Mint Mobile, and Simple Mobile. With unlimited plans starting at $25 a month, Simple Mobile provides an amazing alternative to going wireless at an affordable cost with no hassle whatsoever. So if you are ready to switch, visit any Simple mobile store near me, and here is the guide for Simple Mobile Cerca de mi i.e., stores… Read More

Is AirTalk Wireless Legit? Check Reviews

Several People have asked whether AirTalk Wireless is legit or not. Let me answer it for you here as we go through AirTalk Wireless review. Ivan Toney a resident of Fresno, California on our Facebook Fan page came across AirTalk Wireless when he was looking for a free smartphone through the Affordable Connectivity Program. He asked us whether he can trust AirTalk as the network provider or not because it's quite a new network. Is AirTalk Wireless Legit AirTalk Wireless is a telecom network that provides a discount of $30 on monthly phone billing and you also get a free… Read More

Airtalk Wireless Check Status for ACP or Lifeline Application

In this guide check out how to get Airtalk Wireless check status for ACP or Lifeline Application for free smartphone or tablet PC under Government. Owned by Airvoice Wireless, AirTalk is a decent network when it comes to the Affordable Connectivity Program or Lifeline program. It's the only network that allows consumers to choose which smartphone they would like to choose when going for an ACP plan. That's simply great. Below is a guide on how to do an Airtalk Wireless check status for your inclusion under ACP or Lifeline program. AirTalk Wireless Check Status We have already gone through… Read More

Sky Device or Sky Tablet - Things to Know as ACP Network

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Airtalk Wireless Free iPhone via ACP Program - Review

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Check 516 Area Code Location, Cities, Networks, Map

Check out what & where is the 516 area code in America, its location, counties, cities, and region. With mobile numbers increasing, and to serve all the customers American telecom authorities introduced Area codes through NANP. It's a 3-digit unique number assigned to a state or a part of the state and it can be possible that a state may have more than one area code. It should be dialed before the actual number because it maintains simplicity to identify caller detail. Here we will go through the 516 area code location map, time zone, and regions. These area codes… Read More

FTC Wireless ACP Plan - Free Government Phone & Tablet

Check out FTC Wireless ACP Plan, an Application for Free Phone, Tablet & laptop PC for eligible households and free internet plan. FTC Wireless is one known wireless phone and Internet service provider in America. After the launch of the revamped Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), the network has grown significantly. Here we will go through FTC Wireless ACP plan, application status, APN settings, & how to get a free phone or government tablet or laptop, or internet service. So, let's being with the FTC free phone program and internet services. FTC Wireless Free Phone ACP: FTC is a participating ACP… Read More

Spectrum Apple Watch Plan - Is it Worth?

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How to Screenshot on iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max

Finally, the wait is over Apple has announced the iPhone 14 launch date which is September 7, 2022. The event is expected to be held virtually from the famous Apple Park. The event can be streamed live from Apple's page or you can watch it from Apple's YouTube Page. Apple iPhone 14 lineup is expected to have four models, and also shows us three new iPad models. That was all about the iPhone 14 launch date and details in this article we have a quick and easy guide on how to screenshot on iPhone 14. There are many to achieve… Read More