Otterbox iPhone 14 Case Price, Availability Details

Otterbox iPhone 14 case

Check out the Otterbox iPhone 14 Case price, availability & customer reviews.

Otterbox is a well-known manufacturer when it comes to protective and stylish cases for mobile phones. For a decade it has become a popular battery juice accessory for iPhones and people are buying it just seeing its name. Here we go through Otterbox iPhone 14 case & covers.

Since the introduction of wireless charging in the iPhone, the scenario of battery juice has changed. It's easier to carry a MagSafe charger than carrying a battery juice pack which is normally for slow charging and wireless charging is of fast speed. So it's a matter of how quickly you charge your phone and how much battery backup it provides matters the least.

So here are the two types of iPhone 14 cases that Otterbox makes -

  • Otterbox iPhone 14 normal case
  • iPhone 13 MagSafe Case

Otterbox iPhone 14 MagSafe Case

This wireless charging case is compatible with Apple iPhone 14, 14 Pro, & Pro Max. This case is splendid as it shows off the sleek design of your phone + no disturbance to Apple MagSafe technology providing optimal charging performance.

Coming to protection this case receives the U.S. military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6) certification for being drop proof, shock proof, and waterproof. This case is made from Polycarbonate and synthetic rubber and weighs just 42 grams (0.09 lbs), wow! that's simply amazing. There are raised edges for protecting the camera and display screen.


  • All iPhone buttons, switches, features, and functions work flawlessly
  • Light weight; just weighs 42 grams or 0.09 lbs
  • Convenient open access to ports and speakers
  • Raised edges protect the camera and screen
  • Ultra-slim form slips in and out of pockets easily
  • Designed for seamless interaction with MagSafe technology
  • Strong magnetic alignment and attachment
  • Optimal charging speed and performance
  • Durable protection shields against drops, bumps, and fumbles
  • The one-piece design pops on and off in a flash
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • 7 years warranty

So that's all about the MagSafe case, Let's check out the normal protection case. Actually, this case is to provide a full defense to your phone and it doesn't mean above mentioned MagSafe case doesn't provide enough protection, It does but this one is 100% complete protection as you can play with your iPhone.


The case receives an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.

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So that's the Otterbox iPhone 14 case for you. This case can be brought from the official website of Otterbox or via Amazon and as of now it's not available. I hope the same case will be coming out for iPhone 15 too.

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