How to Message Multiple Contacts with WhatsApp on iPhone

How to Message Multiple Contacts with WhatsApp on iPhone

Messaging multiple contacts in WhatsApp from your iPhone or iPad is so simple. New WhatsApp users don’t have an idea of sending multiple contacts, multiple messages, broadcast images, audio, videos, pictures, etc. with many friends at a time. You cannot select each saved contact in the iPhone for multiple messaging, but it is not taking on the group because there is an option to show all so the group message will send to the other group.

WhatsApp Broadcast List on iPhone

A broadcast message is a way to share your conversation with all other friends at a time or you can also use it to send messages in the future.

So consider the following very useful steps to share multiple contacts with your WhatsApp friends on your iPad and iPhone:-

  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone device.
  • Click on the Broadcast Lists button which is placed in the chat option at the top of the screen.
  • If you like to send a new message then tap on the New List in the Broadcast List or you can select the recipients in the contact list.
  • Find the friends in the New List screen and then press the sign +
    as a recipient in the search option.
  • Click on the Create button to save changes in the list after that you can back to the home screen. This list is shown on the WhatsApp chat screen.
  • Now you are done creating a WhatsApp Broadcast list. Type and click on Send.
  • Now the message is sent to all of your friends on the Broadcast list.

The main advantage of the Broadcast List is to share images, audio, video, and text with all other recipients who are added to the Broadcast List. In the recipient chat, a reply comes from the particular recipient. Then, finally, you can enjoy Messaging multiple contacts in WhatsApp from your iPhone by using the Broadcast List option.

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