How to Fix iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity

Apple iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity

You are not alone when your iPhone says "Cannot verify server identity". Whenever you see an alert on your iPhone saying "can't verify server identity" error, it's alerting you about the authenticity of the mail server certificate whether it's fake or trustworthy. That's the quick and short meaning of it. It basically occurs due to your device's ardent and strict verification of your mail server certificate. In the following article, I will explain what is this error and how to fix it.

What does iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity error mean???

This iPhone error usually alerts you about the discrepancy between SSL Certificates on the server and your device's server settings. You might know that there is advanced HTTPS protection instead of HTTP, this is a secure connection over the web. The security is confirmed through SSL(Secure Socket Layer).

When does this Error Basically Occur

This error of 'Cannot Verify Server Identity' basically occurs after the mail servers certificate has changed by switching to a new issuer or expired or while a new account is being set up on an iOS device or after an account migration. The error also appears on popular mail servers.

This error is usually seen when valid certificates are misclassified or you can say there is a mismatch between the Domain name and Server name. Secondly, it could be a 'Bug' in iPhone or iOS as Apple uses strict verification of your mail server certificates.

How to fix iPhone Mail Error:

There are 5 ways in which you can fix this issue. Check them out here -

So, let's get started.

1. Basic solution:

The basic and easy way is to Restart your iPhone. This simple step can sometimes fix a minor software glitch that could be causing the error.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Press and hold the Side button until the Power off slider appears.
  2. Drag the slider to Power off the iPhone completely.
  3. Wait for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and then press and hold the Side button again to turn the phone back on.

Don't hesitate to do above mentioned steps any number of times as it won't affect any saved information on the phone's internal memory, so here there is no need to create a backup. After doing this, check if 'Cannot Verify Server Identity' still pops up.

2. Remove your Email Account and add it back:

While using Mail on iPhone or any iOS device this error may occur. Do as follows -

  1. Tap Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Tap Accounts and Passwords.
  3. Then tap to select the email account that you want to delete.
  4. Tap the Delete Account button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Then tap Delete from my iPhone to confirm that you want to delete the email account.
  6. After deleting the email account, go back to Settings > Mail > Accounts and Passwords menu.
  7. Tap the option Add Account.
  8. Select the email service provider and enter all the required information.

3. Reset All Settings :

  • To reset all Settings, open up the Settings app, tap General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings.
  • A confirmation alert appears at the bottom of your iPhone's display.

4. Close the Mail App and Reopen it:

Sometimes the mail app doesn't respond properly, at that time you can try closing out of the app and try reopening it. You can even force quit the app too. This can sometimes resolve the software crash issues while you are using the app.

To close out of the Mail App, double-click the Home button, which will open up the App Switcher. Swipe up on the Mail app until it completely disappears in the App Switcher.

5. Update iOS and Carrier Settings:

We have already explained how important are the iPhone updates and also the carrier settings updates. The moment you see these software updates available, you should download and install them because software updates can sometimes help in rectifying this iPhone mail error if it's inflicted by iOS bugs.

  1. To check for iOS updates manually, go to Settings > Software Update menu.

Aside from iOS updates, installing carrier updates is also recommended among other remedies especially if the error is caused due to some network problems.

  • To check for carrier settings updates, tap on Settings > General > About menu then scroll to the Carrier section.

And then follow the instructions to download and install the latest updates on your iPhone. Also, make sure that you have turned OFF WiFi so that the process of software update becomes faster and time-saving.

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Final Words:

Next time pop-ups show your iPhone "Cannot Verify Server Identity", means that there might be a security issue and you will exactly know what to do.

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