How to Rename AirPod or Change Airpod Name on iPhone/Mac

How to Rename AirPod

Guide on how to rename AirPod or change Airpod name on iPhone/iPad/Mac laptop as visible to everyone.

Apple is quite serious about meeting the demands of the consumer in the audio space. iPhone is so successful as a mobile phone and so is the Cupertino tech giant leader in the tablet PC market segment with iPad lineup. We have covered a guide for most of the things and here let's talk about Apple Earbuds the first article is a basic one, i.e., how to rename Airpod.

To date, Apple has launched five different generations of AirPods each of them giving generations names instead of adding numeric or year names or Pro/Plus variants. AirPods, AirPod first-generation, Airpod Second generation, AirPod Third generation, AirPod Max, and AirPod Pro which is noise-canceling but did you ever think of personalizing it?

How to Rename AirPod or Change AirPod Name

By default, Apple has its generic name for the AirPods followed by model number and it remains the same until you want to change it. Having a personalized name is pretty good and thousands of people have searched for a guide on how to change Airpod name. So we thought of coming out with a one.

Changing your Airpod name is done via the Bluetooth settings on your phone. Follow the 6 steps mentioned below.

Here is how you can do it -

  • Firstly you have to pop the AirPods in your ears. Once you have done this, your iPhone or iPad will display the image of AirPod.
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iOS device
  • Tap on the "i" icon next to the Airpods you want to change
  • Type in the name you want to personalize
  • Tap the back arrow twice
  • Check your new name in the Bluetooth list and you can establish a connection now.

Renaming Airpod is a thing of personalization.


Apple AirPod Name:

Here are some of the suggested Earbuds names -

  • Yo Airpods
  • Viruspod
  • Hackerpod
  • AirpodHack
  • Airpod 007
  • Bond 007
  • BondPod
  • SweetPod

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Voila, now you have your own name personalized earbuds i.e., just completed the process of how to rename AirPod or change Airpod name.

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