How to Disable untethered "Hey Siri" on iPhone and iPad

How to Disable untethered Siri

A lot of Apple's products have been a great hit from the past till now. The technology has also made a good mark in the market.

'Siri' is one of the technologies that Apple is proud of as the same gives the option of using the technology with ease. The capability and ability to execute with the ‘easy concept usage’ seems to be the target of Apple.

Disable unTethered Hey Siri

The "Hey Siri" feature has made it look good when activated on iPhone, and iPad, where iOS 10 is used. The same activates with the voice saying "Hey Siri" which enables the option on the device in which it is accessible. The command “Hey Siri” helps to open up and search for anything that the user wants.

If there is an Untethered Siri, there might be some issues that need to be solved as a command done through error may not have a good impact of activating the unwanted “Hey Siri”. Hence, if one needs to disable the “Hey Siri” she or he needs to hold the iPhone/iPad face down. At this point, there will be no activation of “Hey Siri”, unless the same is connected to the power again.

Again, once you face up the device, the “Hey Siri” gets activated.

If you want to enable and disable “Hey Siri” completely, then we have gone through yet another guide in our How to section.

You can use ‘Hey Siri’ on the iPhone by the following process mentioned below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then SIRI and Search.
  • Eventually turn on the switch that has various options such as “Hey Siri”.

Note that, one needs to press the Side button for Siri and Allow Siri when locked.

Finally, a command “Hey Siri” or press the Side button on the iPhone X and press Home Button on the iPhone of older models so as to activate the “Hey Siri”.

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Here is a final effect of enabling and disabling “Hey Siri” and using it effectively favorable for you.

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