Hey Siri Not Working on iPhone, iPad, Mac - How to Fix Guide

Hey siri not working on iPhone, iPad

In this guide check out 10 troubleshooting steps on how to fix Hey Siri not working on iPhone, Macbook & iPad.

"Hey Siri" is an Apple user's virtual assistant, with which life becomes so easy. Without raising a finger you can set an alarm, skip tracks, and more on Apple iPhone and iPad. To make "Hey Siri" work you need to set all the settings correctly, still if "Hey Siri" does not work here are some quick troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix Hey Siri not working.

So let's get started.

Hey Siri Not Working:

Using Siri on the iPhone 13 is an absolute rejoice and I have got habituated to using it. Here are some of the fixes for Siri not working iPhone/iPad -

Siri Settings are Enabled

Before moving to any other settings take a moment on checking the basic setting. Make sure 'Hey Siri' is enabled on your iPhone.

Here is how to do that -

  • Go to Settings > Siri & Search.
  • Make sure "Hey Siri" is enabled on your iPhone.

Restart Your iPhone

This is the oldest but easiest way to make things work on iPhone. "Hey Siri not working" may be due to the temporary glitch. Just restart your iPhone and turn it in after a minute.

Here is how you can restart your iPhone -

  • Press and hold either the volume button or side button until the power off option appears on your screen.
  • Drag the slider, then wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off.
  • To turn back on your iPhone, press and hold the right-side button until you see the Apple logo.

Make sure your iPhone is Facing upwards

Siri virtual assistant won't work if your iPhone is facing downwards on a table or bed. Make sure your iPhone is facing upwards if you want to make Siri virtual assistant work.

If you want to use Siri make sure your iPhone has enabled Settings > Accessibility > Siri and enable Always listen for "Hey Siri".


Remove the case

Sometimes a basic problem may cause Siri working. If you find your iPhone microphone slot at the bottom of the device, next to the camera, or inside the top earpiece that is blocked by the case, you should remove it.

Check Internet Connection

If you are wondering why won't siri work on your iPhone or iPad then make sure you have a stable Internet connection. The iPhone should be either connected to be Wi-Fi or cellular mobile data. The Wi-Fi logo will be at the top right of the device.

If it is not there make sure your device is connected to a router or Wi-Fi. If you are using a router make sure you check it, plug it, and unplug it. If that doesn't help contact your Internet service provider and get the problem fixed.

If are you are connected to mobile data then check whether it's working or there is a problem with a mobile data connection and check if mobile data is slow or not.

Update Your Phone

"Hey Siri" not working may be due to a software bug. To fix this update your phone to the latest version of iOS. Now check for "Hey Siri" working.

Check Siri's Language

Siri works well if the phone language is set correctly. Siri works mostly on accents. So choose the language wisely. If you are from America and you choose English (British) then Siri may not recognize and does not respond due to the difference in accent.

Here are the quick steps to set the correct "Hey Siri" language -

  • Settings > Siri & Search
  • Tap the language and choose the appropriate language
  • Restart your iPhone and "Hey Siri" is ready to respond

Turn Off Low Power Mode

"Hey Siri" works on lower power mode but at times if the battery is low then turning off low power mode helps to fix "Hey Siri" not working. to fix this go to Settings > Battery and turn off low power mode.

Does iPhone Charge Faster on Low Power mode

Reset All iPhone Setting

"Hey, Siri" not working may also be due to a software glitch. To solve this you have to reset iPhone, resetting the iPhone erases all the saved settings and resets them to factory default.

To reset all iPhone settings -

  • Go to Settings > General > Transfer or reset iPhone > Reset > Reset all settings
  • Once the reset completes never forget to go to Settings > Siri & Search and make sure "Hey Siri" is turned on.

Make sure "Hey Siri" is available in your Country

Siri can be enabled in any country but it does not support all languages. If are still wondering why doesn't hey siri work on your iPhone then make sure to contact Apple customer care for further help. It could take time but your problem will be solved. You can even search or create a new thread at the official Apple support forum at https://support.apple.com and you will get replies for experts with possible solutions.

WiFi Not Available on iPad

Siri Not Working on iPad:

It has been a delight to go wireless with Siri on your iPad. Those who got habituated to it will definitely get angry when Siri doesn't work on their iPad. If it's not then you can try out the above-mentioned tips to get it fixed.


Why is Siri Not Working Macbook:

Having trouble accessing Siri on Macbook, then you should do this -

  • Choose Apple Menu > System Preferences, then click Network.
  • Now click on Enable Ask Siri and bingo.

Check for iOS Version on iPad

Those were some of the quick troubleshooting tips to fix "Hey Siri not working". If this does not work contact the nearest Apple Store for further assessment.

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