Best Hardshell Phone Cases & Covers

best Hardshell Phone Cases

There is a long saga of mobile phone cases and their invention. When the phones were big like brick size, they were too big for cases and as the world went digital it paved way for personal wireless phones once they became affordable. Phones became portable as they can be carried in a pocket easily providing connectivity on the go but it opened the potential for damage to it. This is where the idea of a case for phones was born and within a quick time, a variety of cases are available for mobile phones. It's can be classified as mobile phone accessories. From protective cases to thin and lightweight, from soft cases to hard shell phone cases, you can order anyone within your budget sitting from home. Here let's check out the hardshell phone cases advantages and uses.

Hardshell Phone Cases:

By this time you might know that they are various types of cases. Famously available right now in the market are -


  • Transparent Silicone case
  • Bumper case
  • Flip cover case
  • Wallet case
  • Pouch
  • Plastic case
  • Rubber cover case
  • Metal back case
  • Leather vintage case
  • Hard shell case
  • Arm Band case
  • Fabric case
  • Fiber Carbon cover
  • Hybrid back case
  • Wooden back cover case

Choosing the right mobile case depends on personal choice aligned with your lifestyle and mobile phone. The hardshell phone case for your mobile has a harder outer shell for superior protection and has soft foam padding inside for extra protection.

Pros (Advantages):

The pros (advantages) of using a hard shell case for phone, are listed below -

  • Provides the best protection for your costlier phone/tablet/computer
  • Soft foam padding inside
  • Perfect for higher resale value


  1. Increase the weight of your device heavily
  2. May not support easy portability or fit in a pocket

Is a Hard or Soft Case better for the phone?

As I mentioned above, both hard and soft case have their own advantages, both do the job of protecting your device efficiently but it remains a personal choice to choose one.

Otterbox iPhone 14 Case

Selfie Ring Light for iPhone

Is it better to get a Silicone or hard case?

The silicone case is a lightweight budget phone case available for all mobile phones as it's manufactured by many brands while the hard case provides extreme protection to your phone.

Do hard cases scratch your phone?

All the cases for mobile phones are designed in a way that they can be easily installed. The hard case for your mobile doesn't scratch your phone.

So that's all about the hard shell phone case, its advantages, and disadvantages.

4.6 out of 5

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