How to Fix “WiFi Not Available” on iPhone, iPad iPod Touch

Guide on how to fix WiFi Not available on iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch.

Apple launched “iOS 13”, the most advanced and innovative mobile OS that keeps its users advancing. The iOS 13 is packed with interface refinements, bug fixes, improvements, and new features. You can now control how long Siri features. In the same update, the Touch ID fingerprint recognition was improved.

Apart from all the amazing jaw-down features enhanced after the iOS 13 update to 13.4, it brought some glitches on several devices.

iPhone WiFi Not Available Issue

One of the issues I see commonly on the iPhone is that users generally have to deal with is “Wi-Fi not available” pop up. Onc of Apple iPhone user has reported this issue on the Apple Support Community. He claims that he is facing “Wi-Fi not available issue” since his last update to iOS 7.1 OTA update on his Apple iPhone 4S.

Another user claimed that “I also had that same problem of “Wi-Fi” not available issue” after the update to the latest version. I spoke to the Apple consultant, he told me that there was some issue with the Wi-Fi chip, he restored my phone but all in vain. At last, I had to get a new Wi-Fi chip installed on my iPhone.”

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This not-so-cool prompt box displaying “Wi-Fi not available” issue is prickling up your Nose too?

Follow the below steps to debug the issue:-

  • Reboot your device: I know most of you have already tried this solution, but in case you haven’t, simply press and hold the Power key along with the Home button until you see the Apple logo appearing again on your device. Now check the issue, if it is fixed, Congratulations buddy you ha that easiest way!
  • Reset Network Settings: 60 to 70% of the cases can get over this issue by resetting the network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Network Settings. If you are on the secure network, key in the password.
  • Reset your modem: Perhaps the issue is not with your iPhone, but your LAN connection, check other devices with the same modem. If the issue remains the same you must visit the nearest Apple store.

Should the issue persist, please contact Apple Customer care for further help.

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So that was the solution on how to fix Wi-Fi not available on Apple iPhone. Keep visiting our website for all the solutions regarding iPhone that you are using.

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