Does your Phone Charge Faster on Low Power Mode iPhone

Does your Phone Charge Faster on Low Power Mode iPhone

Gary Sobers from Guatemala had a question for us when we published this post - why is my iPhone battery yellow which basically deals with battery saver mode on iPhone or iPad. On our Facebook fan page, he asked does your iPhone charge faster on low power mode? We have answered this for you here in this article.

Does your Phone Charge Faster on Low Power Mode iPhone

iPhone particularly has low power mode or also called battery saver mode. These are settings through which your phone deactivates some functions after reaching a certain percentage of battery. Apple iPhone Battery Saver Mode is auto-enabled when the battery level reaches 20%. This is the level at which your iPhone turns yellow, i.e., battery level indicators in the status bar will indicate that the battery is running extremely low and you need to charge your iPhone.


This is something like Samsung power saving mode in ultra power saving mode and the intention of doing this is that your phone should be operational to receive phone calls and messages even though you have a low battery for a longer or extended period.

The following functions are affected in low power mode -

  • Auto lock default to 30 seconds
  • iCloud Photos is temporarily paused
  • Background app refresh
  • Automatic downloads
  • Email fetch
  • 5G

If you are complaining that 5G is not working then we have listed many reasons why it doesn't work and low power mode can be one of such things.

Does iPhone charge faster in Low Power Mode?

Low Power Mode is a very useful addon found on Apple devices but there is no such my that iPhone charges faster in battery saver mode. This assumption is baseless and if anyone says you that, you know what to answer him.

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Why is Charge Bar Yellow iPhone?

Your iPhone status bar will turn yellow if you have a low battery on your device i.e., low power mode is enabled by default.

So that all we have in the Low Power mode for iPhone discussions. Do let us know if you have anything to ask us related to this.

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