Does iPhone 14 come with Charger?

Does iPhone 14 come with Charger

The Apple iPhone 14 is out and on for sale, but did it come with a charger in the box? Let's check out what's in the new iPhone 14 box content does iPhone 14 come with charger or headphones?

Over a decade smartphone prices have really come down but do you know why they are so down? It's because smartphone makers are smart enough, as they have cut out various accessories supplied with the box content. Xiaomi started not to include headphones as freebies in the pack and then Apple citing e-waste started not to provide chargers with the box content starting with the iPhone 12 and soon Samsung followed the trend with Galaxy S21 series. And now most flagship phones don't include both chargers and headphones, and they should be purchased separately.

Does iPhone 14 come with a Charger?

The latest iPhone 14 looks identical to its predecessor, and it includes new features like camera enhancement, battery life improvements, and other bug fixes. But does it make a must-buy/upgrade from the current iPhone 13? No, actually, many people are not willing to update to new iPhone models. For the fox who are using the iPhone 12 or older model, the iPhone 14 is definitely worth considering.

Anyone looking to purchase an iPhone 14 should keep something in mind before ordering one, or else you will have to take some help.

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Just like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 the latest iPhone 14 does not come with a charger adapter. With the iPhone 14 box, you get a mobile user manual and a USB-C to lightning cable, but not the adapter. Even if you are paying thousands of dollars for a new iPhone, Apple hasn't included a charging adapter.

So what to do?

Here are three scenes that arise in front of you when you are looking to order a new iPhone -

  • Use the Existing One: If you have an older iPhone charging adapter, then plug the new lightning cable into it and use it normally, just like you used to do with your older iPhone.
  • Get a new iPhone Adapter: If you don't have an old iPhone adapter, then I recommend you get a new one along with the device. If you have ordered an iPhone 14 still, you can order the 20W USB-C adapter separately on the company's website or from Amazon. (Discount on Amazon website)
  • Use Qi Wireless Charger: If you have a Qi Wireless charger that is compatible with Apple products, then you can use it as well.

So, those are the options available for you among the many. Apple also sells a 30W power adapter for $49. You can even get a compatible adapter and a USB-C cable.

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Final Words:

Apple is right when it comes to the e-waste problem, as it's the fastest-growing form of domestic waste globally. You can read more about Apple's ewaste problem. Looking forward, the company is unlikely to change its strategy in the near term.

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