Comida China cerca de mi i.e., Chinese Food Near me

A family enjoying Chinese food brought from Comida China cerca de mi

Looking to eat hot and spicy Chinese food? Let's check out Chinese food stores that sell Comida China cerca de mi.

The most unusual Chinese cuisine includes a lot of traditional food originating from mainland China and mixed cuisine thanks to the Chinese diaspora. Chinese food has influenced many people to eat noodles, Manchurian, chow mein, chop suey, fried rice, spring rolls, and tofu. A brought estimate says that there are around 50,000 Chinese restaurants across the United States. Mentioned here is the guide to finding popular Chinese restaurants in America.

Comida China Cerca de mi:

You have arrived here looking for Chinese food and as a Spanish speaker, you would love to see results in Spanish on Google to order food online or have a nice lunch/dinner in one of these Chinese restaurants.

Are you new to this area due to job transfer or immigration?

It can be tricky to find new stuff until you are settled properly and to help you find Chinese food nearby, let's go through Comida China cerca de mi guide -

Google Maps:

Google Maps tool that helps you find businesses, shopping malls, stores, and almost everything present around the world. They have the world's best mapping system that provides accurate and up-to-date information. Google Street View & other advanced features further make the map the most trustable navigation app.

That's more than enough to describe how accurate is Google Maps when finding a business or restaurant nearby and here is how to find Chinese food stores nearby in America -

  • Open Google Maps, either on your phone (Android & iPhone supported apps available), or tablet PC, or on your desktop. It's
  • Make sure that GPS is turned ON so that it's showing your present location.
  • Once you open the app, you will see the 'Search toolbar'. Tap or Click on it and search for "Chinese food" or, "Chinese restaurant" or, "Comida China Cerca de mi" or "Comida China".
  • Now you will see all the results available with store timings, menu, price list, photos, and most important customer reviews or feedback.
  • You can navigate to the stores among the list available to you.

So that's how Google Maps is helpful to find Chinese restaurants nearby. You can even search for Parks nearby or Farmacia stores.

Search in Google, and Bing:

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can help you a lot. When you search for the terms "comida china cerca de mi ubicación" or area name with the keyword you will find proper results.

Famous Chinese Restaurants in America:

To help you more, here we have listed the Best Chinese restaurants in America -

Chinese Food Restaurants in Seattle:

  • A+ Hong Kong Kitchen
  • Country Dough
  • Dim Sum King
  • Harbor City Restaurant
  • Jade Garden Restaurant
  • Mee Sum Pastry
  • Mike's Noodle House
  • Pike Place Chinese Cuisine
  • Tai Tung
  • Xi'an Noodles

California Chinese Food Restaurants:

  • Formosa Cafe in West Hollywood
  • Frank Fat's in Sacramento
  • Imperia Dynasty
  • Mama Lu's Dumpling House

Chinese Food Restaurants in Oregon:

  1. Ambassador Restaurant and Lounge in Portland
  2. Bing Mi in Portland
  3. Duck House Chinese Restaurant
  4. Fong Chong
  5. Frank's Noodle House
  6. HK Cafe
  7. House of Louie
  8. Hunan Restaurant
  9. HUng Far Low
  10. Master Kong
  11. Ocean City Seafood Restaurant
  12. Oma's Hideaway
  13. The Pagoda
  14. Republic Cafe and Ming Lounge
  15. Shanghai's Best
  16. Shandong
  17. Stretch the Noodle
  18. Wei Wei
  19. Wong's King
  20. XLB

Join Foodie Community on Facebook:

You can join Chinese food or foodie lover communities in your area or America and ask them questions a few of the Facebook food communities are -

Final Words:

So that's all we have in the Comida China cerca de mi article. So what's your favorite Chinese food?

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