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How to Send Money Through Email

Square Cash Apple iOS App is the answer on how to send money through email address for free. Learn here how to do it on your iPhone/iPad. Tired of Paypal limitations over sending and receiving money or it's your Paypal or Payoneer fees hurting you the most? Looking for answers to how to send money through email address? Here is a simple solution for those who are based in the United States need to send money to their counterparts. Square Inc introduces easy money transfers to anyone via email. Just like other money processors say — it's fast, safe, and… Read More

How to Set Song as iPhone Ringtone

There are so many things that people want to do when they have an iPhone. They download all the apps possible from the Apple App Store and the music from iTunes. But there are a lot of things that might or might not be possible on the iPhone and one needs to learn the proper way of doing that. One of the things that most people want to know is how can one set a Song as iPhone Ringtone because it cannot be done in a simple way or straightaway manner. There are apps that can be used for this… Read More

5G Not Working on iPhone or iPad - How to Fix (10 Steps)

5G not working on iPhone or iPad is reported by many as it's a new technology and here is a guide on what you can do. Apple rarely releases new devices or technology that are saturated. Being a brand with a massive reputation, this seems unlikely. Moving on, Apple has released 5G on their latest devices but what's surprising is that 5G should be enabled by default. If you got the new iPhone 12 and are excited to try out 5G, however, something isn't working right, and your iPhone is only connecting to 4G LTE. One thing you can expect… Read More

My WhatsApp Keeps Crashing on iPhone - How to Fix Guide

Check out how to fix my WhatsApp keeps crashing on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Eager Apple fans have installed iOS updates on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod. There was no major problem discovered until they found WhatsApp has been affected the most on iOS users. Several users have reported WhatsApp on iPhone crashes and the issues aren’t fixed in the Beta 2 version as well. This is not a straightforward kind of problem that you see, as on WhatsApp if you type “fi”, “ff” and “tt” (any word containing those duo letters) the app will crash. So if you have… Read More

How to Update Carrier Settings on iPhone - Guide

Network updates add stability to your phone. In this guide check out how to update carrier settings on iPhone. There is no doubt that Apple's software updates are more frequent than holidays in a calendar year. But did you know apart from these software updates by manufacturers, there are occasional carrier updates too? Since our site, only writes about Apple Inc Products, in this particular writing, we will talk about updating carrier Settings iPhone. Update Carrier Settings on iPhone: Carrier Settings updates on iPhone are pretty important because these updates are related to the network. If your network provider… Read More

How To get the New iPhone Update

Software updates for any device are important as they provide bug fixes and stability apart from bringing on new features. You might have understood what this post is all about. So let me provide you with a text guide on how to get the new iPhone update and gets the full benefits of what your manufacturer provides. New iPhone Update: These new updates for iPhone are compatible with your iOS devices and there are separate updates for iPads. Also, these updates are different from the carrier setting updates. Update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Here is how you can… Read More

How to Fix Visual Voicemail Unavailable iPhone Error

Hey! Are you tired of the visual voicemail unavailable message, whenever you check voicemail on your iPhone? Now, you are thinking what are the issues that lead to this error? Well, there is no specific reason for this error. It might be due to network settings, service issues or sometimes, it may occur just because you are not in the coverage area. Fix Visual Voicemail Unavailable iPhone Error In this post, we will guide you about this error and also guides you about how you can fix visual voicemail unavailable errors on your iPhone. Just read this post carefully and… Read More

How to Fix Apple Watch Apps Stucked on HomePage

In this guide check out how to fix Apple Watch Native Apps Stucked on HomePage Apple’s enhanced version of Watch OS, The Watch OS 2 is facing certain problems during the update. Though the update worked very well with some of the devices, a big number of Apple Watches are facing down by update not screening, i.e., the Native Apps stuck on the Home page and installation verification. Here we are going to bring a fix to this issue. Fix Apple Watch Stucked on HomePage Users are continually running towards the Reddit and Mac Rumours complaining of Apple Watch Native Apps Stuck on… Read More

How to Take Photos on iPhone Using Countdown Timer

In this guide check out How to Take Photos on iPhone Using Countdown Timer. The latest update of iOS brings you an amazing feature of camera app in iPhone or iPad with the facility of self-timer so that you will be able to take your ultimate selfies with its great picture quality and you can use this feature at any other occasions without the need of a photographer or someone else. This tremendous app will let you take better quality images without any help from other people. You just have to set the timer and take your position your camera… Read More

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo on Boot

In this guide check out how to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo on Boot. Many of you may have experienced the issue of the iPhone getting stuck at the beginning of its logo. Don’t worry about this issue, there are few steps which you can perform to fix this iPhone getting stuck on the logo, you may get your phone back at running state. For this source of the issue need to be found out, many a time this problem arises when your phone is being attempted to jailbreak. Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo If your Apple iPhone 11, iPhone X,… Read More