How to Cancel Gamestop Order - Procedure, Terms & Conditions

Cancel Gamestop Order

If you have placed in order with games top by mistake then here is a guide on how to cancel Gamestop order.

Gamestop is one store destination for video games, consoles, gaming accessories, gaming PC gears, collectibles, toys, and gaming clothes. It offers services in Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Switzerland. You can easily buy any or all of these but if you have placed an order by mistake with a Gamestop then here are instructions on what you can do.

Cancel Gamestop Order:

To handle such requests Gamestop has set up an order cancellation policy. This article will be discussing what are the limitations placed on your ability to cancel the order what kind of orders are ineligible for a refund and how can one cancel Gamestop order placed.

Digital content like digital games and software are usually online downloads things and such types of goods cannot be canceled.

If you want to cancel a physical product purchased at Gamestop you can cancel it before it's shipped or within 14 days whichever comes first. Before your card is built and you cancel the order there will be no need for a refund but in other cases, if it is billed then you will have to look out for a refund.

Usually, it takes not more than two weeks for Gamestop to respond to your request for a refund

. Also please note that you will get a refund once after approval through the same payment method you used to purchase the product.

In some cases, a refund can be delayed if the company has not received the physical product after the refund.

How to Cancel Gamestop Order:

  • Go to the Gamestop website.
  • Now click on the Account button in the right corner.
  • Log into your account by providing accounts and once you do that you will be taken to your Dashboard
  • Under Order you will find your order and select the order which you want to cancel.
  • Click on the Cancel Order button and if you don't find one it means that the order has been shipped.

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If the order has been shipped then the only way out is to reach out to Gamestop customer service department at 1-800-883-8895 or write to them via email at

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