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How to Fix Visual Voicemail Unavailable iPhone Error

Hey! Are you tired of the visual voicemail unavailable message, whenever you check voicemail on your iPhone? Now, you are thinking what are the issues that lead to this error? Well, there is no specific reason for this error. It might be due to network settings, service issues or sometimes, it may occur just because you are not in the coverage area. Fix Visual Voicemail Unavailable iPhone Error In this post, we will guide you about this error and also guide you about how you can fix visual voicemail unavailable errors on your iPhone. Just read this post carefully and… Read More

How to Disable untethered "Hey Siri" on iPhone and iPad

A lot of Apple's products have been a great hit from the past till now. The technology has also made a good mark in the market. 'Siri' is one of the technologies that Apple is proud of as the same gives the option of using the technology with ease. The capability and ability to execute with the ‘easy concept usage’ seems to be the target of Apple. Disable unTethered Hey Siri The "Hey Siri" feature has made it look good when activated on iPhone, and iPad, where iOS 10 is used. The same activates with the voice saying "Hey Siri"… Read More

How to Boot iPhone in Recovery Mode

In this guide check out how to boot iPhone in recovery mode. Even after Apple’s dedicated OS, i.e., iOS for iPhone sometimes encounters unmanageable situations. When an iOS device is not recognized by iTunes then you need to do the recovery mode restore[Factory Reset by going through development mode] also for the cases in which attempts of iOS updating get failed. The following article is meant to provide you with detailed instructions on how to boot iPhone in recovery mode, for iPhone, iPhone 11/7/6, and other iPhone and iPad models. Boot iPhone in Recovery Mode Are you looking for a… Read More

My WhatsApp Keeps Crashing on iPhone - How to Fix Guide

Check out how to fix my WhatsApp keeps crashing on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Eager Apple fans have installed iOS updates on their iPhones, iPads, and iPods. There was no major problem discovered until they found WhatsApp has been affected the most on iOS users. Several users have reported WhatsApp on iPhone crashes and the issues aren’t fixed in the Beta 2 version as well. This is not a straightforward kind of problem that you see, as on WhatsApp if you type “fi”, “ff” and “tt” (any word containing those duo letters) the app will crash. So if you have… Read More

How to Unblock a Number on iPhone or iPad Easily

Have you accidentally blocked contact on iPhone? Here is the guide on How to Unblock a Number on iPhone or iPad Easily. I am Yogesh Khetani and I run an Apple iPhone-based Facebook Group called All Things Apple and one of the users named Chad Gable asked me a question. He asked me how to unblock a number on iPhone as he has accidentally blocked USPS delivery guy contact on his iPhone 12. Well, it's quite simple but he actually didn't know the process as he recently moved from Android to iPhone. Further, he didn't save that contact previously. Finally,… Read More

What to do when Apple Mouse is Not Working

If you can't connect your Magic Mouse to your Mac then here is what you should do when Apple Mouse is not working. Apple Mouse is a perfect companion & the best accessory for your MacBook for those who are looking for performance at work. Not many times, but sometimes the Apple Mouse might give you trouble, and it's common with all the electronic products. Before looking further, it's best to try out Apple Mouse troubleshooting at home. Apple Mouse is Not Working Try these steps to resolve issues with your Magic accessories. Turn it OFF then ON Bluetooth is… Read More