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How to Fix iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity Imap.gmail

You are not alone when your iPhone says "Cannot verify server identity". Whenever you see an alert on your iPhone saying "can't verify server identity" error, it's alerting you about the authenticity of the mail server certificate whether it's fake or trustworthy. That's the quick and short meaning of it. It basically occurs due to your device's ardent and strict verification of your mail server certificate. In the following article, I will explain what is this error and how to fix it. What does iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity error mean??? This iPhone error usually alerts you about the discrepancy… Read More

8 Best Selfie Ring Light for iPhone & iPad

Best Selfie ring light for iPhone for YouTube/Tiktok videos, Makeup, Instagram Reels, and other video productions. In this world of smartphones and various other devices used for capturing pictures and videos, photography has gained a lot of popularity and with the Selfie craze among people, clicking photographs with perfect clear-cut shots has become a thing of trend. For excellent shots or videos, one needs perfect light along with the best smartphone(camera) to click those eye-popping and professionally shot pictures, the natural light or Smartphone's flash is not enough. One needs the best and perfect light for a precise and beautiful… Read More

5G Not Working on iPhone or iPad - How to Fix (10 Steps)

5G not working on iPhone or iPad is reported by many as it's a new technology and here is a guide on what you can do. Apple rarely releases new devices or technology that are saturated. Being a brand with a massive reputation, this seems unlikely. Moving on, Apple has released 5G on their latest devices but what's surprising is that 5G should be enabled by default. If you got the new iPhone 12 and are excited to try out 5G, however, something isn't working right, and your iPhone is only connecting to 4G LTE. One thing you can expect… Read More

How To get the New iPhone Update

Software updates for any device are important as they provide bug fixes and stability apart from bringing on new features. You might have understood what this post is all about. So let me provide you with a text guide on how to get the new iPhone update and gets the full benefits of what your manufacturer provides. New iPhone Update: These new updates for iPhone are compatible with your iOS devices and there are separate updates for iPads. Also, these updates are different from the carrier setting updates. Update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Here is how you can… Read More