What to do when Apple Mouse is Not Working

Apple Mouse Not Working

If you can't connect your Magic Mouse to your Mac then here is what you should do when Apple Mouse is not working.

Apple Mouse is a perfect companion & the best accessory for your MacBook for those who are looking for performance at work. Not many times, but sometimes the Apple Mouse might give you trouble, and it's common with all the electronic products. Before looking further, it's best to try out Apple Mouse troubleshooting at home.

Apple Mouse is Not Working

Try these steps to resolve issues with your Magic accessories.

Turn the device OFF and ON

Simply rebooting is the best solution that has worked perfectly for many electronic devices. It's the first step to do when you are looking to troubleshoot your device or accessory.

Just by turning OFF and ON the Magic Mouse, it will fix normal issues. Magic Mouse has a switch on the bottom of the device. Slide the switch to turn off the device (no green light is visible). After few seconds slide the switch back to turn it back ON. It's confirmed when you see green light visible.

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on

Sometimes the problem might be because of Bluetooth turned OFF. The issue can be resolved by turning it back ON.

Using your Mac built-in trackpad or a USB mouse follow these steps -

  • Open Apple Menu.
  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Now click on Bluetooth.

This will turn Bluetooth ON on your Mac. You may restart your computer and then try to turn Bluetooth on again when the Bluetooth icon doesn't appear.

Check the menu bar status to check whether Bluetooth is OFF/ON.

Check Accessory Battery

It might be possible that your Macbook accessory is running out of the battery to establish a connection. Let me tell you that there are two generations of Magic Mouse unveiled by Cupertino tech giant now. The first one, i.e., Magic Mouse 1 uses a removable battery while the latest one has an internal battery that can't be removed.

It's quite easy to get a battery for 1st generation but for Magic Mouse 2 you should connect your wireless accessory to your Mac in order to pair the accessory with your Mac and charges the built-in battery. Use the Lightning to USB Cable or USB-C to Lightning Cable, wait 1 minute, then disconnect the cable. Click the Control Center icon in the menu bar, then click Bluetooth to check your accessory's charge level.

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Check for Wireless Interference

A few times due to wireless interference there might be problems in connecting Apple Mouse to Macbook. There might be interference with other wireless devices which are connected via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Is Mouse Paired to Something Else?

If you have any other Mac or iPad in the near vicinity, then please make sure that the mouse is connected to the right device and hasn't caught up with other devices ahead of your Mac.

How to Connect Magic Mouse to Mac:

You can easily connect the Magic Mouse to Mac by following steps -
  • Go to Apple Menu > System Settings.
  • Click on Bluetooth and when the device appears in the Bluetooth preferences, click to Connect.
  • You maybe asked to enter the passcode, provide it.

I hope the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps have fixed Apple Mouse's not working issue/problem. If it doesn't then please let us know with details like an actual error message, Mac model, etc., on our Facebook Group on Apple Product discussions.

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