Best Apple iPad Tips to Extend Battery Life

Best Apple iPad Tips to Extend Battery Life

In this article check out the best Apple iPad tips to extend battery life of your device furthermore.

Apple iPad is the latest innovation that the tech giant has come up with to give the industry a new classification under handheld devices. So-called as the table was re-invented. The design is completely slick and the product is absolutely light. This thin design of the iPad has resulted in a smaller battery overall but it doesn’t really affect the performance of the device. Just like the iPhone, Apple iPad is powered by iOS, Apple's proprietary software for mobile devices. The revolution began with the launch of iPad Wi-Fi & iPad Wi-Fi + 3G in January 2010, and as of May 1, 2020, iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Pro 11 are the latest products in the line.

Best Apple iPad Tips to Extend Battery Life

Is your iPad stuck with battery drain issues? It can be with any of the iPad models that you have.

Check out some of the settings that we really use and also follow these tips to extend your Apple iPad battery life overall: -

Screen Turn Off Time

Make changes to the auto-lock interval. First, go to Settings > General > Auto Lock, and later the lock interval between 1-3 minutes.


This will turn off your iPad Air when no activity is done on it till the time interval is set.

Adjust iPad Screen Brightness

Lowering the brightness of the screen is also a good option to increase Apple iPad battery life. You can do this by swiping the screen upwards or downwards. The best option would be to access Settings > Brightness & wallpaper > Auto-brightness > ON.

Apple iPad GPS Settings

You can also turn off the location services when not in use. To do this click on the Settings tab and then Privacy followed by Location Services and System Services.

Apple iPad Notification Settings

Turn off the notification for multiple apps that don’t really matter. Explore Settings > Notification Center to disable further notifications for apps.

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Keep it Far from Hot Substances

Try keeping it away from hot surfaces as far as possible as heat is one of the main reasons for battery drains. Further turning off LTE/Cellular/Wi-Fi connections by going to Settings > Cellular > Disable LTE/4G.

You can even run your iPad on Airplane mode to increase battery performance when you running extremely low in battery life.

iPad Wallpaper Settings

Do not select dynamic wallpapers in any case. You can do this by clicking on Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Wallpaper and then clicking on any of your photos or choosing from the stills section.

Turn OFF Photo Streaming

Turning the photo stream off by clicking on Settings > iCloud > Photo Stream could also help save battery as well as memory.

You may even consider disabling the push notifications for selected apps in the notification center under Settings.

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Turn OFF Background App Refresh

iOS has a feature that allows apps to refresh content in the background. This has been useful for some but not for all. Disabling it might be better in the overall context. You can Do this by going to Settings and then clicking on General followed by background app refresh. This will disable the feature for iPad Air applications that you do not need.

iPad Bluetooth Settings

Keep the Bluetooth turned off when not in use. Turning off Siri by clicking on settings> General > Siri will also help the cause.


Turn OFF iPad Hotspot:

Another important thing that you can do is turn off the personal hotspot when it is not underused. For this go to Settings > Personal hotspot.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi Settings

Wi-Fi can drain your battery in no time. Disable it by exploring the Wi-Fi option in the Settings section and turning off the “Ask to join networks” option.

This might not disable the Wi-Fi completely but it will automatically connect your iPad to known networks and in case of unknown networks you have to do it yourself.

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Final Words:

Following all these tips will definitely give you an increased battery life than normal. Just try them and share your good experiences with the iPad that you have.

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