2 Best Cheap Apple AirPods Alternatives for Android & iPhone 2022

best Apple Airpods alternatives

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Just like other Apple products, the Airpods have been huge hits and people are looking out for its alternatives for the reason that it's too costly. As I check out its retailing at $159 [BuY NoW Link] and that's not cheap at all. The second generation of AirPods has arrived and yet we are composing this post on cheap Airpods alternatives for the reason that the people are searching for it to use it on their Android mobile phone.

Why AirPods Alternatives for Android?

If you ask me why to buy Airpods alternatives for Android mobile, then let me tell you that official Airpods are by Apple Inc and they only support Apple iPhone models. They don't support any other mobile including the devices that run on Android OS. This is why you should have Airpods Android compatible.

Cheap Apple AirPods Alternatives for Android

So here are the best and cheap Apple Airpods alternatives with charging case compatible with your Android mobile phone -

Airpods for Android with charging case

The Cshidworld Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds headphones is the perfect Airpods Android alternative. [Buy Now]

Priced at $28, this Airpod Alternative offers 30 hours of playback, Hi-Fi Sound Bluetooth Headset. It includes a charging case that requires one-step pairing noise canceling.

Waterproof Apple Airpod alternative

If you need your Apple Airpod alternative to have the property of being waterproof, then here comes the IP5X certified Bluetooth 5.0 headphones.

This Android alternative of Airpod comes with 30 hours of playtime and also includes built-in mic.

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So those were some of the best Apple Airpods alternatives for Android aka Apple Airpods alternatives for Android.

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