Airtalk Wireless Free iPhone via ACP Program

Airtalk Wireless Free iPhone & tablet

In this guide check out how to get Airtalk Wireless Free iPhone via ACP Program in USA.

AirTalk Wireless is a no-contract cell phone provider in USA that provides cell phone service and it became popular ever since they applied for inclusion under the Affordable Connectivity Program ACP program.

So we will learn more about the free iPhone on AirTalk Wireless offer details here.

Airtalk Wireless Free iPhone

AirTalk Wireless is a registered & approved Affordable Connectivity Program provider that provides free minutes to talk & data for internet access on your mobile phone. Along with this you also get a free mobile phone to use it. However, this program isn't available to all and there is a rigorous approval process.

The ACP program was designed by the US Fed government and is run by FCC with an aim to provide mobile connectivity, especially after the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Actually this program is the extension of a long-run affordable connectivity program and this offers also entitles users to get one time discount of $100 on the purchase of a laptop or tablet PC.

This lifeline program is designed for the poor and needy people who are struggling with finances to meet their daily needs.

So which phones are offered for free via AirTalk?

AirTalk Free Phones:

A number of mobile phones on Android & iPhones you get when you opt with ACP.

We have already gone through a guide on how to get a free iPhone via the government ACP program here are the iPhone models that you might get with AirTalk ACP program -

  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus

Soon you will also get free iPhone 14 too.

How to Get Free iPhone via AirTalk Wireless

Signup for ACP program first on the official website.

Now submit your application to AirTalk and while signup you will be asked to select one among the mentioned options. There you need to select iPhone 7 or the latest iPhone model.

You will get your device within 7-10 working days.

AirTalk Wireless Free Tablet:

Alongside with that when you opt for the tablet PC offer, you might get any of the following tabs -

  • Apple iPad
  • Amazon Fire Tab
  • LG Tablet
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Latest Lenovo tablet

AirTalk Wireless APN Settings

Google Fi APN

So that's all about the Airtalk Wireless Free iPhone deal via ACP.

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